Man Photobombs Girlfriend With Engagement Ring For A Month (And She Has No Idea)

What’s the most terrifying moment in men’s life? Popping the question. Yes, men are usually petrified! They can construct a building, but they panic when it comes to proposing. Most men wait for the right moment. Edi Okoro from Hertfordshire, U.K., waited for a month.

Cally Read is the love of his life, and Edi bought a ring. He made series of photos with the ring and Cally, and guess what… She didn’t even notice it.

The 30-year-old holds the ring behind Cally’s back or he just waives it in front of her.

One day, Cally nearly caught Edi, and that’s how the idea was born. He decided to pose with the ring until the right moment arrived. Or until Cally catches him.

On Aug. 26, Edi took to his Facebook account, and wrote that his girlfriend had no idea about the photos.

Edi isn’t really a master of planning, and decided to try this method. It worked perfectly. It was a big challenge for Edi. He wanted to make as many photos as possible.

The soon-to-be-groom posted two dozen photos and two videos of his “proposals.”

In one of the videos, Edi holds up the ring while he is standing in the bedroom doorway and Cally is in the bad.

Cally needs to wear her glasses to see things perfectly, and Edi used this to proceed with his plans. He kept asking Cally questions, and wanted to know if she could see what’s in his hand.

First, she said it was a helmet, and then said it’s a phone.

On Aug. 31, Edi wrote another post, informing everyone that he’d popped the question. Cally said ‘yes,’ and Edi didn’t get caught.

Edi didn’t provide details of the way he proposed, and he kept the best for another post. We bet it’s a wonderful story.



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