Meet the Brave Dogs Saving Koalas From Australia’s Deadly Wildfires

Australia goes through a deadly crisis, and fire flames have covered most of the area. Bush fires have destroyed more than 6 million hectares of land in New South Wales and Victoria. Authorities have confirmed the death of at least 25 people and 480 million animals.

Experts have estimated that most of the koala population died in the bush fires. Koalas usually rush to the top of the trees to save their lives, but rescuers are unable to spot a koala that’s hanging at the thinnest branches of a tree. This doesn’t apply to dogs.

Bear, a border collie cross, and Taylor, a springer spaniel, will be remembered as hero dogs. These two helped rescuers locate starving and thirsty koalas.

Bear works under non-profit IFAW Australia, and was trained to detect koalas at University of the Sunshine Coast. His energy was of great help in the process, and Bear helped rescuers spot koalas in the wild.

His trainer, Romane Cristescu, said that Bear is a happy pup. Like every other dog, Bear doesn’t like to be left behind.

“Bear is a happy soul, always keen to be on the move and do something,” Romane told Australian Geographic. “His worst nightmare is to be left behind when you go to work—luckily for him, we are allowed to bring our dogs to work every day.”

Taylor has found eight koalas following the scent of their fur or scat. Her entire family works in animal detection. The cute pup can detect quolls, foxes, cats, rabbits, and rats.

Dogs tend to bark under the tree to help rescuers see the animal on top of the tree. Volunteers then scale the tree and rescue koala.

These dogs risk their lives to save other animals, and that’s something you admire. They are our heroes, and deserve all the respect in this world.

Reports have confirmed that over 30 burn victims are taken care of at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in NSW. The facility is supported with donations from people around the globe. Have you already made a donation? No? What are you waiting for?



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