Mosquitoes Hate These Plants. Grow Them In Your Home

Most of us like summer, but mosquitoes make it really hard. These pesky insects can’t wait for us to go out so they can bite us.

Mosquitoes are attracted by our body odor and warm skin, and pregnant women are their favorite target.

It’s time to keep these away from your home, and you can do this by masking your body odor and making your home pretty.

Plant aromatic herbs in your garden, and mosquitoes will leave your home almost instantly. All you should do is crush a few leaves of these plants, and massage your exposed skin.

These plants keep mosquitoes away

1. Lemon balm

Lemon balm has white flowers and nice lemon aroma. Mosquitoes hate its smell! But, you have to plant it in pots, because it’s an invasive plant.

2. Catnip

Your cat’s favorite plant contains nepetalactone, a chemical that attracts all the cats in your neighborhood and keeps mosquitoes away from your home.

3. Lemon grass

Mosquitoes and flies hate lemon grass. It grows well in pots of flowers. Lemon grass grows like a bush, and you can use its leaves to make ice-tea. Use the lower part of the stump to add flavor to your dishes.

4. Basil

You already know this one. A 2009 study found that basil essential oil has a toxic effect on the larvae of mosquitoes.

5. Lavender

Lavender helps you relax and moths don’t really like it. Mosquitoes and flies don’t like it, too. Rub it on your skin for extra effect.

6. Wild mint

Etheric mint oil destroys larvae of some mosquito species. Plant it in your garden, and enjoy it its pleasant smell. Use wild mint to give your food flavor or just make some tea to soothe tummy ache.

7. Sage and rosemary

Burn rosemary and sage stalks to repel mosquitoes. Enjoy the aroma in your long summer nights without any insects around.

8. Tagetes

Pyrethrum in tagetes is commonly added to chemical repellents. That’s why mosquitoes hate this plant!

There are so many plants you should use to repel mosquitoes, and you can also use the help of dragonflies. Do you know that dragonflies eat mosquitoes? Build a pond in your backyard, and dragonflies will protect your home from mosquitoes!



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