Natural Ways To Increase Your “Feel Good” Hormones

The hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for the regulation of our feelings, whether they are of depression, anger, grief or well-being, peace, and joy.

Neurotransmitters, also called chemical messengers, are brain chemicals that enable neurotransmission. They relay signals between the nerve cells or neurons.

They interact with receptors located in the brain and the body to regulate various processes including emotions, fear, pleasure, joy, mood, and the perception of pain.

Emotional intelligence is actually our ability to identify and manage our emotions and how they work for us, not allowing them to rule over our mind.

4 Main Neurotransmitters

Even though there are many chemicals that have an influence on our feelings, these four are the most important ones:

1. Dopamine

Its production is increased when we achieve an objective or goal or when we are looking for ways to find pleasure.

2. Oxytocin

Known as the love hormone, Oxytocin is directly related to increasing trust and loyalty, and human bonding.

3. Serotonin

Serotonin is commonly known as the confidence molecule. It creates a sense of belonging and it increases feeling of worthiness.

4. Endorphin

Known as “runners high”, endorphin can increase happiness, which in turn allows people to deal with extreme pain and stress. Moreover, it increases the immune response and decreases hunger.

Natural Ways To Boost Your Happy Hormones

Making minor changes in our lifestyles can activate each one of the above chemicals. Find out more how to increase the production of these neurotransmitters in a natural way:

  • Spend time with loved ones

Cuddling, holding hands, and exchanging information can increase the production of oxytocin. If you find yourself feeling alone, get yourself a cat or a dog!

  • Indulge in physical activity

It is scientifically shown that the physical activity can increase the release of endorphins. You can run, walk, dance, or do yoga. The main cause of depression is the sedentary lifestyle!

  • Eat seeds, nuts, chocolate, spicy foods, and carbohydrates

All these can increase the number of happy hormones in our body!

  • Bask in sunlight at every given opportunity

By exposing yourself to bright sunlight, you will activate melatonin. In this way, you will regulate sleep/waking rhythms. Moreover, it helps in the production of serotonin.

  • Laugh and cry without inhibition

Laughter can increase the production of the happy hormone. However, crying can help to. When you feel that you need to cry, do this because the body produces endorphins soon after you stop crying.

  • Get a massage

A massage will reduce stress levels because cortisol is replaced by dopamine and serotonin.

  • Indulge in aromatherapy

Did you know that smells have a significant effect on feelings? Scents such as lavender, rose, and vanilla are known to provide a feeling of comfort and security.

Choose a perfume that you like and wear it often. In this way, you will feel good about yourself.

  • Smile

The brain is not able to see the different between the imaginary and the real. This means that you should smile even when you don’t feel like smiling.

In this way, your brain will be fooled into producing more of the good hormones. This is based on the muscle movement in your face.

  • Listen to music

Music has an incredible effect on us and our mind. So, you should always play music which appeals to you. Popular songs, chants, or sufi music! It is up to you!

  • Master new skills

Start to play an instrument! Play a new board game, learn to crochet or learn an unfamiliar language. The brain loves new challenges!

  • Practice gratitude

We should always be grateful for the things we have in our life. Expressing gratitude makes as positive. This results in a production of good hormones.



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