New Toothpaste is Leaving Dentists Without Work

Recently, a product was created, representing a radical change in the personal care and all credits go to a Japanese researcher, Kazue Yamagishi. With her invention, Kazue considers that the dentists will be out of work.

This amazing toothpaste can fill all the cracks and holes in the teeth, while simultaneously having the ability to restore the tooth enamel

Cracks and holes in the teeth are definitely the main reason for us visiting the dentist.

Even though you were able to clean your teeth by brushing them, previously there has been no way to reverse the damage effects to your teeth at your own home.

But, this toothpaste can change that! It contains components which can mimic tooth enamel, and build up in the cracks of the tooth.

It has a similar form to the regular toothpaste, so people will easily adopt it into their home.

It was created by research with Hydroxylapatite, a chemical also known as crystalline calcium phosphate which makes up the main tooth component.

The effectiveness of this toothpaste is that it can cause a dilution of the acid on the teeth surface. Only after 3 minutes, the paste will crystallize and gets fastened to the natural enamel structure.

We can certainly say that with this kind of product, the dentist will become a thing of the past!

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