Photos Of Sleeping Pups In A Puppy Daycare Center Are Taking Over The Internet

There is nothing cuter than a bunch of tiny puppies. The Puppy Spring facility in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is the place to be. Staffers always post pics of their cute puppies. Siesta is the favorite time of the day at the facility, and the pups enjoy every minute of it.

The daycare center looks puppies 12 weeks or older. Most of the puppies don’t get the attention they need because their owners are too busy.

We live in a busy world, and it’s impossible to take care of pets 24/7. Facilities of this kind are more than welcome, and they are really popular in Asia.

According to the Puppy Spring spokesperson, “There are reservations for 30 dogs each day. We also operate as a play center where children can come in to relax.”

Staffers offer games and exercises, and puppies have a really good time there. These activities help them become more sociable and obedient. The little cuties get exhausted pretty easily, and they need short naps to get more energy for the next round of games.

“We get the pups napping from 2 pm to 3:30 pm. The cost of our services varies and depends on a few different factors, including the time dogs spend at the facility.”

Employees enjoy their siesta, too. However, they can’t just sleep and ignore the beauty of their sleeping pups. They like to take photos of their little babies.

The photos are viral, and we can’t stop watching these furballs. These puppies may be tiny, but they will sure bring a smile on your face. We’d sure love to spend a day at the daycare. Taking care of these beauties is like a dream come true for every animal lover.

Would you like to work in this facility? We already know someone who’d love to spend the day running around a bunch of tiny pups.

People simply loved everything related to these little cuties.



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