Powerful Advice From A Dying 24 Year Old

Are you happy with your life? Or do you just exist? We are so busy doing trivial things that we often forget to live our lives and chase our dreams. You keep stressing over things that don’t deserve your attention, and we’re too focused on our bills, salaries, other people’s opinion, etc.

Why would you hurt yourself in that way?

The choices you make define your character and existence. Your choices and experiences make up your personality. All you do is chase money and power.

But, the clock is ticking. This dying 24-year-old has something to say about that.

The young man shared his story on a Reddit thread, and many people re-posted it. His words are full of wisdom, so try not to miss that.

Do you know that he had already chosen his last tie? The one he will be wearing on his funeral a few months from now? According to him, it was the perfect tie for the occasion.

His cancer diagnosis arrived too late. What’s the most important thing in life? To leave the world a little better than it was before we existed with our contributions. He lived without making an impact.

The cancer diagnosis opened his eyes. There are just a few things that matter in life.

Here are some lessons from him:

  • Never ever waste your time on work you don’t like. You will never be successful in doing things you hate.
  • Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinion. Fear will make you weak, and it will grow into invincible monster.
  • You are responsible of your life. Learn how to control things in life, and limit anything that gives you negative emotions. Don’t procrastinate.
  • Appreciate everyone around you. Your friends and family will give you enough strength. Remember that.

The young man wasn’t upset, because his life became meaningful. He was dying, but everything was so meaningful for him. The only thing he regrets is the inability to see all the good staff made by Al or Elon Musk.

You may take care of your body, but you forget that it’s actually a box full of your personality and thoughts.

Try to leave a mark in this world. Make sure your life is meaningful, because you are not here forever. Enjoy your time with passion, and live an interesting life. Remember that!



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