Psychology Explains Why Aunts Make The Best Relatives

Aunts are the most fun relatives, since they are responsible and protective, but they are just like friends at the same time!

Parents and grandparents are not the only ones who can have a positive effect on the development of a child, as aunts bring a special quality to their nieces and nephews’ lives since they are a kind of a second mother.

Parents teach and guide their children, grandparents love them unconditionally and spoil them most of the time, but a loving and awesome aunt is a combination of the best things of all that.

The bond of the aunt and the nieces creates unity within the family and brings everyone closer together.

It remains strong throughout life, especially if they spend valuable time together, and this love and care affect their lives forever.

Psychologists claim that aunts make the best relatives, and here is why:

1. Aunts are able to offer different perspectives than the ones from the parents, which broadens the horizons of children, and leads to positive childhood development.

2. Aunts are always there, ready to help out when parents are just too tired or busy to be with their kids.

They are also gentler and less strict than parents since they have more patients as they haven’t spent their entire day chasing after kids.

3. Aunts spoil their nieces and nephews from time to time, and it is sometimes beneficial for the kids to let loose. They also give the best presents, and they would do whatever these kids ask them to.

4. Aunts are always kind and do not scold kids too much, and when they do, it is always done in a calm way.

5. Aunts can take the children to fun short vacations and holidays, which will teach children about independence and responsibility, and let them feel cool for going on a vacation without their parents.

6. Aunts are the perfect role model.

7. Aunts are great at giving advice, as they offer hundreds of helpful options to parents. Parents can often be confused and tired, so aunts are there to support them and their nieces and nephews and keep them on the right track.

8. Aunts are always ready to spend the day playing since they have all the energy parents have lost during the day.

9. Aunts are great listeners, so kids love to share their secrets and problems with them. They are often afraid or embarrassed to turn to their parents, but their aunts will always provide guidance.

10. Aunts really help parents, and they are always there when parents crave for a short break or need some “me-time”.

11. Aunts never grow tired of showing their infinite love and affection, so the time kids spend with them is full of cuddling, playing, and attention.

12. We should not forget that aunts provide cousins, which soon became the best playmates. Cousins provide a unique kind of love and friendship, and in the case of a big age gap, this is a chance for kids to learn responsibility and respect.

13. Aunts are always there to tell the funny embarrassing secrets of the parents from the past, which humanizes parents in the eyes of their kids.

14. There will always be tensions between parents and their children, but aunts are there to resolve conflicts and provide good, relevant advice to both parties.

15. Aunts are great teachers, so they teach their nephews and nieces important values and correct them when they are wrong.

So, if you are a parent and had any doubts about leaving your kids and getting some time for yourself, doubt no more, as you can freely call their aunt and be sure that they will have a great time!

On the other hand, if you are an aunt, be proud of and go on with your great work!



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