Psychology Explains Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

Do you have those type of friends who speak the truth for what it is? You know, the ones who understand the concept of tough love, while keeping negativity out of the way. Yes, we are talking about blunt friends.

Blunt people are a special breed. Often perceived as mean, blunt friends are actually are a good cleanser of all unnecessary burden you are carrying with you.

The concept of tough love which blunt people prefer is not about making someone feel bad. It is about sharing your most honest opinion and never sugarcoating things to distort the truth.

So what makes blunt friends so great?

5 Reasons Blunt Friends are the Best Friends to Have

1. They are Objective and Outspoken

Blunt friends will always tell you the truth like it is. They can seem harsh, but their general intention is honesty and offering a neutral point of view.

This has nothing to do with being condescending. No, blunt people feel that everyone deserves to hear the truth and that everyone appreciates honesty. On top of that, blunt friends will never lie to you, and will not jeopardize your friendship.

2. They Enjoy Being Your Friend

Blunt people have no hidden agenda, especially when it comes to your friendship. In fact, blunt friends have no use of having fake friends, so if they see you as such, they’ll probably let you know and withdraw.

While enjoying being your friend, blunt individuals will also work hard on maintaining that friendship steady and strong.

3. They Want You to Do Better

Blunt people have no problem with your faults but will try to help you move past them. In their minds, they want to encourage you to be your best self, whatever that may mean to you.

Blunt friends will tell you how to surpass a problem and will help you with the process, too. They want to see you excel, instead of getting stuck in a whirlwind of problems.

4. They Will Always Apologize

If a blunt person errs you, they will make sure to fix their wrongdoings and apologize. In fact, blunt people would feel much easier if they apologize, as complications do not serve them.

They can go the distance in telling you the truth, but if they feel they crossed a line, they will make up for it. Even better, they will say ‘I am sorry’ and mean it!

5. They Will Keep You Safe from Harm

Blunt friends may tell you the truth and be straightforward with their opinions, but they will also go the distance to protect your feelings.

Actually, blunt friends would never expose you to negativity but are able to keep you away from abusive and mean friends. That said, blunt friends will always have your back and support you for as much as they can.

What Makes Fake Friends Different from Blunt Friends?

At times, being blunt can come off as being fake or mean. However, you can detect fake friends and through the following characteristics:

  • Fake friends will always make you feel guilty, even when you aren’t.
  • They like making promises but rarely keep them.
  • Fake friends believe you should drop your entire life to tend to their needs.
  • They will always emphasize their own significance, throwing you in the shadow.
  • They will belittle your achievements, but still, give you a compliment to keep things balanced.
  • Fake friends enjoy gossiping about those who are not around, yourself included.
  • Finally, fake friends only see you as a tool of manipulation and comfort and will treat you as such.

Where do your friends stand on this list?



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