Relieve Stress And Headache With Acupressure in Just 1 minute

If you press certain points on your hands, feet and the rest of the body using your fingers, you can remove the blockages of the energy flow in the organs that are affected by the pressure applied on these points, and thus relieve every problem.

Acupressure is simple and safe, even if you are a beginner.

Next time you have an headache, try this simple method based on an acupressure technique, a natural way of treating that originated in the traditional Chinese medicine. This method involves pressing of certain acupressure points.

 How can you relieve a headache by massaging the point on your hand?

In this way you are stimulating the point along the energy flow that goes from the hand up to the head, sending signals to the body so it can redirect the excess energy from the head.

By pressing this point you will reduce the muscle tension.

How can you find this point?

Extend all the fingers of your left hand. This point is located in the space between the thumb and index finger.

How to activate it?

Place the thumb and the index finger of your right hand below and on top of this point.

Press gently, then increase the pressure, but be careful -- painfully intense massage will not provide you the desired effect.

Experts explained that applying low pressure is always better than an agressive massage.

Let the pressure do its job for 20-30 seconds, and during that time breathe rhythmically, and occasionally through the nose.

Repeat the procedure for three times, and do the same thing with your other hand, or until you feel some relieve.

This method relieves even severe headaches, neck, shoulder and sinus pain.


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