Researchers Reveal Losing A Dog Can Be As Hard As Losing A Loved One

Having a pet can be a rewarding experience, but losing one is even worse. For example, many people build a special bond with their dog and they can’t spend even one day apart.

They believe that their dog is a part of their family and nothing could change that. However, one of the worst experiences is to lose your dog, especially if it was your companion.

Dogs can be easily compared to people, and the grieving process can be truly difficult. Those who have experienced this pain, can’t explain it with words.

For them, it is not “only a dog” and that is the worst thing you can say to a person who has lost a dog.

According to a study, it seems that the love towards a dog is bigger than the love towards a person. Science proves that the death of a pet can be more difficult to deal with when compared to the death of a human.

Maybe this is because the love of your dog is unconditional and that the dog will never cause you emotional problems.

However, here are 5 reasons that should help you understand why the death of a pet is harder to accept when compared to the death of a human.

1. Bonding

The Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Study states that the bond between us and our dog is in a great way comparable to the bond of people.

Actually, our brain accepts the occurrences and feelings that we have with our pet and with our loved one as the same experience. When we are playing with our dog, our system produces the same amount of hormones as it does when we are bonding with people.

This means that there is a chemical reaction in your body that explains why you consider your dog as a family member.

2. Grieving

Losing a close person is a normal occurrence and many people will understand if you want to avoid going out, or if you start a therapy or counseling session or even turn down events that you have planned for the month.

You will always get the support of your friends if you lose a person in your life, but you will never get the same amount of support if you lose your dog.

Even though you will feel the same way, maybe even worse, you will have to continue with your life because for other people, it is strange to enter a grieving process for a dog. This can be though for your social life because you won’t be able to show your true emotions.

Find a friend who has a pet and who will understand how you are feeling. Talk to him and seek comfort. If he is a good friend he will definitely help you.

3. Love and comfort

Losing a dog will take a piece of your heart away, but the feelings will stay. You will lose the comfort that they gave you by simply sitting next to you, the love that you feel when you play with them and the friendship that they always gave.

Losing all of this can really make your life more difficult. The love toward your dog is true and unique and there isn’t a person that you will love like that.

4. Memories and daily routines

 When your dog passes away, you will miss those activities that you have done when it was around.

You will feel that your home is emptier and that you no longer have someone to walk or pet, or even talk to. You will surely miss:

  • The routines that you both took when taking a walking
  • Feeding him and getting that innocent look of gratitude
  • You won’t feel the sounds of barking or running around your home
  • You won’t see how it jumps to you for a cuddle

All of this will hit you hard in the heart and it will be hard to get back on your feet. You will still continue to do those tasks for a while until you finally figure out that your dog is really gone.

5. Guilt

There are times when a person has to decide if the dog should be put down, especially if it is old or really sick. It is a better way for your dog to pass away than to struggle or suffer.

However, people who often make this decision feel guilt inside of them that is really unnecessary. If you feel guilty, you will never be able to let go.

Just remind yourself that there wasn’t a thing that you could do to save him. That is the truth, which can let you push forward.

Try to substitute your dog with another and you will see that you can love a new dog the same way.

Dogs are amazing creatures and many people can’t understand this which is a true shame. Be brave, keep on pushing and remind yourself about the good times with your dog.


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