Researchers Reveal That Messy People Are Actually Productive Geniuses

If you are often being criticized for being messy, it is time to finally stop accusing yourself- as apparently, messy people are actually intelligent and efficient!

Studies have shown that messiness can be linked to smarts, and living in organized chaos is actually positive.

Here is why messy people are actually productive geniuses:

1. Messy People Are More Focused

Many people find a messy environment stressful, but people who thrive in a disorganized environment actually ignore the chaos and focus better on their work.  These people are able to work beside the distractions, completely calm, and are more productive.

2. Why Is Neatness So Valued?

Neatness is actually not a sign of anything, even though we were all raised to believe that the chaos in the room proves we are irresponsible and bad. Studies have shown that people who are at least slightly messy manage to do 30% more tasks.

3. Messy People Don’t Stop To Clear Up

-- People who do not lose time to clear up actually save important hours which can be used working.

Adam Frank, a physicist, maintains that the most natural state of the universe is a disorder, and the world is constantly shifting from organized to disorganized. Therefore, messy people get the point.

4. They See the Bigger Picture

Numerous tasks require abilities to see the bigger picture and make decisions faster. People who do not aim for perfection are better in looking at the bigger picture and are not obsessed over minor, trivial points. They adapt to the situation, make quick judgments, and are more efficient.

5. Disorganized Spaces Sometimes Mean A Disorganized Mind

Researchers claim that a non-organized mind is a sign of intelligence, as these people do not think in straightforward manners, but they are creative, innovative, and develop unique ideas.

They can see the links between seemingly unrelated things and thus make inventions and discoveries.  Messy people constantly pick up new skills to satisfy their brains, so they regularly exercise their minds.

They are never stuck in the same place but work in filed they love and pursue their interests, which in turn leads to better success.

6. You get A Creative Boost From A Messy Desk

A lot of great minds in history worked on their messy desks, and they even helped them be more creative and inspired. The 2013 study by Kathleen Vohs, showed that messy workspaces can greatly increase positive innovative thought.

Therefore, messiness is not s sign of poor intelligence, inefficiency, or a disorganized lack of productivity. So, if you find it better to function in a messy place and it does not bother you, there is nothing wrong with it, so feel free to keep going!

Remember that the Nobel Prize-winning scientist quipped of his messy workplace:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Moreover, according to Learning Mind, “the real proof of genius is not the messy house – this is key.

  • Einstein‘s theories became the cornerstone on which modern physics were built.
  • Mark Twain, also known to have paid little heed to tidiness, was the author of some of the best literature in the English language.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven, another supposedly mucky pup, composed so many pieces of music that the list of his accomplishments would make you gulp; his ninth symphony, written while he was stone deaf, is arguably the greatest piece of music ever written.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, a more modern example of the disorganized genius, created Facebook, which you are probably on right now. Enough said.”



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