Scientifically Proven Benefits of Foot Massage And How to Give Foot Massage

We often tend to forget that our bodies need attention and care in order to function properly. Sometimes, all we need is several minutes each day to do a task that will highly improve our overall health.

Tasks such as foot massages which can provide numerous benefits for our body which are based in the area of reflexology.

With the help of reflexology, which is a therapy that uses techniques that stimulate nerves, you can improve your health and leave a more fulfilling life.

This technique can decrease stress in your life, can prevent or help you treat the symptoms of a cold and can bring headache relief.

Foot Massage Benefits

According to the reflexology, if you massage your feet every evening, you will be able to bring pain relief for your sore feet and improve your overall health by stimulating the pressure points.

Here are several benefits that can be accomplished by doing foot massages.

1. Improved Mental Health and Wellness

A study completed in 1999, states that even a 5-minute foot massage can reduce stress and bring relaxation to patients.

Also, if you massage the right spots on your feet, you will be able to increase an emotional comfort in your life, especially if you are grieving toward a closed one.

We live in a society where stress is inevitable, but we need to commit ourselves to therapies such as this one in order to get through the day without serious consequences.

2. Natural Pain Relief

Believe it or not, with only a single foot massage you can bring pain relief, but not only in your feet but through your whole body. According to a study from 2004, nurses reported that foot massages bring a significant help to post-operative patients.

Apparently, the level of pain after the foot massage was significantly decreased. Also, women who went through a C-section birth had their pain lowered with foot massages.

3. Relief from Cancer Symptoms and Chemotherapy Side Effects

Patients who got through a cancer therapy usually experience nausea and pain. However, foot massages can bring relief for both, nausea and pain, according to the study done by researches from the University of Canberra.

Also, women who suffered breast cancer and got through the therapies had a massive reduction in their symptoms with simple feet massages.

4. Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Relief

According to a team of Iranian scientists, a therapy of reflexology can treat crippling fatigue at people who suffer from sclerosis.

5. Decreased High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Most of the population that is facing 40 years and above suffers from high blood pressure. This is just another condition that can be treated with the process of reflexology or foot massage.

Korean scientists from the Pusan National University claimed that the systolic and blood triglyceride levels can be enhanced after a good foot massage therapy.

Also, Dr. Jesus Manzanares, who practices reflexology, claimed that patients who suffer high blood pressure can reduce their symptoms with the help of foot massages.

This can lead to a reduced amount of medications that can harm our system after consuming them for a long period of time. This means that if a natural way can help you deal with hypertension, you should follow it every day.

6. Relief of PMS symptoms

A great big of a deal for women all of the world is the pain that they go through every single month due to the symptoms of PMS.

Symptoms such as cramps, bloating and mood changes can be really hard to get through. Pills can help, but why not use a natural remedy that will definitely ease your troubles?

Well, in 1993, a study was concluded by researches at the California Graduate Institute’s Division of Behavioral Medicine who claimed that reflexology can ease the PMS symptoms. Foot massage can really relax them and bring relief to their suffering.

7. Treat Swollen Legs

Edema is fluid retention that occurs in our bodies and mainly, it takes over the legs, ankles, and feet. Usually, the reason behind it is low physical activity, sitting or standing for long periods of time and pregnancy.

On many occasions, this condition is connected to heart failure, kidney disease, and liver disease that cause fluid retention. There are ways to treat swollen legs and reflexology is among them.

In 2010, Turkish researches claimed that edema that occurs due to pregnancy can be reduced with the help of foot massages.

The Proper Way to Give a Foot Massage

If your friend, family member or loved one is suffering from some of the conditions we mentioned above or is simply having foot pain, we recommend giving a foot massage which is always highly appreciated.

Here are some instructions that should improve your way of giving a foot massage.

  • Apply oil or lotion on your hands (you can use either olive or coconut oil). Massage the foot and spread the lotion or oil on both feet.
  • Use your thumbs to massage the top of the foot, be careful and only do slow and firm motions. Move from the tip of the toe and go all the way down to the ankle. The next repetition should be done with lighter strokes and everything should be repeated at least twice.
  • Throughout the whole foot massage, you shouldn’t release the foot and you need to constantly massage it.
  • Simply hold it with both hands and massage the bottom of the foot with your thumbs. Rub it for at least half a minute, go to the toes and start from the top and move your way to the heel. Go up and down the foot for at least 2 times before switching feet.
  • Repeat the whole process on the other foot.


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