Seeing Unhealthy Patterns In Your Family

Family bonds are sacred, and family is always first. That’s what we’re told. But, what about the toxic members in the family? Your relatives may not be your best friends. You can’t tolerate a toxic person, regardless of the role they have in your life.

Break these ties, and free yourself from the poison.

1. They will never change

It may seem bad, but this claim is absolutely true. Although psychotherapy can help, some habits don’t change. Some people won’t even agree to see a psychotherapist.

2. They will never apologize

Toxic people are their own priority. They are unable to look through someone else’s eyes. Don’t expect an apology. You will never get one. All you can do is cut the ties with that family member.

3. Find a better way to spend your time

Instead of wasting your precious time in an effort to please that relative or analyze their behavior, find yourself a new hobby. Stop worrying about someone who doesn’t even take care of you.

4. Their negativity rubs off on you

You may be positive and optimistic, but toxic relatives are here to spoil your day. If you spend a lot of time with them, you have probably noticed their negativity.

5. Betrayal is a common thing

Toxic people are all-in when it comes to drama. They may start spreading gossips and lies about you. This person will abuse your trust and spill your secrets. If they deny this, they are probably gaslighting you.

6. They destroy your self-respect

A toxic person will destroy your self-respect. Cut off that toxic family member before it’s too late. They may cause an almost irreversible damage.

7. They may step between you and your partner

Your marriage may turn into a hell. A toxic relative can easily step between your husband and kids. This person will cause disharmony without a second thought. They will even undermine your parenting.

8. They may use you

This person will use you all the time. You may see that as doing a favor, but this person is actually using you. Cut these ties and free yourself of their manipulative nature.

It’s time to take things in your hands. Turn yourself into your primary priority. Don’t let others abuse you. Don’t let others hurt you. Avoid all the drama they bring in your life. Cut those ties, and set yourself free.

People may not approve your decisions, and that’s fine. Once you cut the ties, your toxic relative will attack you. They will call you all the time, and you will witness the “flying monkey” phenomenon. Your toxic relative will recruit others, including other relatives and family members.

If you experience a pushback, and that’s just part of the process. Some relatives believe that family is above all, and they won’t understand you at first.

Don’t worry. You decide who stays in your life. You don’t need negative people who bully you on a daily basis. Keep one thing on your mind. You matter.



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