Simple Solutions To Fight Against Canker Sores

Small, white, dry canker sores may be occurred individually or in groups anywhere in the oral cavity, including the tongue. Canker sores (aphthae) is very painful and according to the latest health statistics over 16 percent of the world population suffer from them.

Aphthae can be caused by different reasons, mostly from diminished immune system and expressed avitaminosis. Also aphthae are caused by constant stress, early forms of neuroses and lack/poor of hygiene of the oral cavity

Simple solutions to fight against annoying canker sores:

Do gargle with iced tea (never hot), sage or chamomile tea 4 to 6 times within 1 hour. The tea is prepared on this way: place 3 bags of sage tea in 1dl hot water and let stand 15 minutes. Once is cooled it is ready for use These two tea have great antiseptic effect.

Also, if you hold for 15 minutes a cold and wet tea bag of chamomile or thyme directly on canker sores, that will also reduce the pain.

And maybe this is the most effective remedy and also the oldest remedy… In a cup of hot water add a teaspoon of salt and with that mixture wash the mouth 2-3 times in 1 hour. In this procedure you will have a feeling of tingling that goes fast …

With these homemade recipes the problem with canker sores is solved.



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