Some People Love Their Pets More Than They Love Other Humans

Animals are so full of love and compassion, that some of you probably like them more than you like other people. There’s an explanation for this.

A research conducted at the Northeastern University found that some people like pets more than they like people for one simple reason.

This is more common in cases of abuse.

Arnold Arluke and Jack Levin wanted to determine the reasons some people have to feel more compassion for pets. Abuse was the main focus of their research.

The research involved 240 students, and each of the participants read a random fictional story. They were given similar stories to read, but the victim in the story was different.

According to the results, students were more upset when the victim was an animal.

They believe that humans have the power to protect themselves, adding that dogs are more vulnerable. The research also indicated that people showed empathy if victims were unable to protect themselves.

Although some people have built a stronger relationship with their pets, we can’t say that empathy is shown as a result of animal abuse.

Pets are here to make our day, and it’s impossible to spend the day without petting it. Do you have a pet? If no, now is the real time to get one.



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