Story: Bad Things Happen To Good People, While The Evil Ones Live The Longest

“Life is hard, my son,”-my grandmother often said.

The good people are often the most hard-working, they will even give their own food to others, and borrow you their last money if you need them.

These people will call you without any other reason, just to ask about your health, if you need anything, and to send their regards to your family. This was once normal, but nowadays, people usually ring you to ask for some kind of service.

Their naivety and good nature can sometimes resemble stupidity, as they will help everyone, often to their own detriment. And in the end, their efforts won’t be appreciated, so they ask themselves what their mistake was.

What does it mean to be a good human being?

To keep your promises no matter what, to live with dignity, to feel pain due to the injustice done to others just like you do when you are the victim.

To be honest, with a genuine heart, to be able to go to sleep with a clean conscience, to get up with unspoiled soul. To help strangers and not expect anything in return, and not to ask for things you do not need.

Kind people are never evil or greedy, they do not enjoy other people’s misery, do not laugh at their tears, but try to comfort them. Good people are happy and content with what they have, they are not insatiable, and cherish things earned in an honest way.

I had several such friends, rare as hen’s teeth, but unfortunately, the worst things always happened to them. Diseases, accidents, death.. as if these misfortunes followed them.

Life has passed, and I still do not have the answer: why were they so severely punished, what did they do wrong? Is there any justice in the world?

The evil ones, on the other hand, are completely dishonest and have impure souls, they like to harm and underestimate others, and are pleased with other people’s misfortune.

They are blind to justice, deaf for injustice. They do not care for others, they only care about themselves. They are selfish and would do all it takes to reach their goals.

Evil people are reckless, but luck is always on their side, even though they do not have a pure heart to find happiness in it.

While some people pray for one thing, others get everything and are eternally dissatisfied. This is why many people are tired of life, as all they experience is suffering.  Is it worth being a good person if all you get from life is pain?

However, every day is a new beginning, and a nice person remains good-hearted, with a just mind, regardless of all that happens. And these people usually leave this world too soon, so you ask yourself “Why?”

At the same time, evil people live the longest, who knows why..”


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