Switzerland Makes It Illegal To Own Just One Guinea Pig Because They Get Lonely

Lawmakers in Switzerland have passed a few pet-friendly law, requiring pet owners to take a course and learn how to take care of their dogs properly. Fisherman are also obliged to take a course on humane fishing.

When it comes to guinea pigs, owners have to get a pair. Guinea pigs are sociable animals, and the Swiss government made a move that will melt your heart. In 2008, lawmakers passed a law that obliges owners to give their pet a company.

In other words, owners have to find a partner for their pet. You may find this silly or hilarious, but the law sure makes sense.

Guinea pigs are herd animals, and they can’t thrive on their own. Every guinea pig needs at least one companion. The Swiss government made an effort to grant “social rights” to pets that get lonely overtime.

These animals need to have a company all the time. If their cage mate dies, you have to replace it, otherwise you will have problems with the law.

People in Switzerland can use the service of rent-a-guinea pig companies. In this way you can give your pet a partner and help them overcome their loneliness. Yes, guinea pigs get really lonely.

The Swiss Animal Welfare Act notes that guinea pigs, turtles, rabbits and goldfish need company. Lonely animals can become depressed and die.

Cats thrive well alone, but owners are required to ensure that their cat sees other cats. Le Matin says any violation of this law may end up with a punishment of 10,000 francs.

Unfortunately, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals receives 1,337 calls from individuals worried about the well-being of guinea pigs.

Wonder why? It’s because most people think these cute animals are the best option when it comes to picking the first pet for their kids.

July 16 is the Guinea Pig Appreciation Day, and Jane Tyson, the RSPCA’s rabbit and rodent expert talked about these animals in her press release.

According to Tyson, guinea pigs are the most misunderstood pets in the UK. They shouldn’t be viewed as easy first pets for kids. Guinea pigs shouldn’t be kept in small cages, and their “homes” should have tunnels. These cute little guys need to be entertained after all.



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