Telogen Effluvium (TE): 7 Natural Ways To Treat This Common Hair Loss Issue

Hair loss is one of the issues that affect the physical look of a person and it can be quite annoying. One known variety of hair loss is telogen effluvium. The reasons behind it are usually stress, harmful medications, hormonal changes or bad diet with low nutritional value.

Also, hair loss can be triggered by a thyroid disorder, patterned baldness (alopecia areata) or allergy caused by dyes.

When a person develops telogen effluvium, it is essential that he finds the cause behind it. You will need to have your blood checked or to remind yourself if you are experiencing an extremely stressful period.

Also, check your food regime and see if you are getting enough nutrients throughout the day. If not, immediately start a healthy diet that will get you right back on track.

People who struggle with issues such as hair loss usually reach out for medications, surgeries or hormone replacement therapies. However, these are natural remedies that can harm your health. Instead, we advise giving a try to these natural remedies that can reverse the process of hair loss.

Natural Remedies

1. Start a Diet Rich in Protein

One of the most important nutrients for hair growth is protein. The adequate dose of protein per day is 46gm. You need to find a diet that is rich in this essential nutrient and to stick to it if you want to prevent further hair loss.

Foods that are rich in protein are hemp and chia seeds, beans, meat, eggs, soy, and dairy products and legumes. You can make yourself a diet by choosing your favorite foods that are rich in protein.

2. Your Diet Needs To Be Rich In Iron and Zinc

Telogen effluvium is a disease that sometimes occurs due to the low amount of iron in the system. There are supplements that will provide your system with enough iron but can result in constipation or gastritis.

This is why it is important to start a healthy and natural diet that will include foods such as liver and red meat, beans, green leafy vegetables, and lentils.

Another important nutrient for good hair growth is zinc and you can get it by including sunflower seeds, squash, nuts, spinach or seafood to your diet.

3. Massage With Essential Oils

There are essential oils that can enhance your blood circulation, resulting in healthy hair growth. Also, as we said, stress can be a cause of hair loss, and almost every essential oil has a calming effect that will decrease your stress levels.

4. Use Herbs

Green tea can be used as a rinsing agent because it is rich in 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors that can stop the process of hair loss.

According to a study committed on animals, rinsing with green water can stop the pattern of getting bald and inflict a hair regrowth.

Another item that you can use is onion due to its strong anti-inflammatory characteristics. Onion can improve the functioning of hair follicles. However, after cleaning your hair with onion juice, wash your head thoroughly.

5. Increase Your Vitamin B6 Intake

For healthy hair growth, your body needs to get a good amount of vitamin B6 and B12. Good sources of vitamin B6 and B12 are broccoli, beet, bell peppers, fortified grains, leafy green vegetables, calf, beef liver, and lentils.

Add them to your diet and stick to it for a while and you will notice some changes in your hair.

6. Start a Relaxation Therapy

Once again, a remedy that will definitely decrease your stress levels because stress is the main cause of hair loss.

First of all, you need to become physically active by starting a good exercising regime that can include hiking, jogging, bicycle riding, walking, training in your gym or at home with your own body weight.

Also, you can start meditation or yoga that require deep breathing. You need to become physically active because when you are exercising, your body releases endorphins which are hormones that promote enhanced mood.

7. Stay Away From Chemical or Heat Therapies

Excessive washing of your hair with chemical shampoos can harm your hair growth. This is because shampoo stops the process of natural oiling of your hair.

We suggest that you wash your hair 4 times at maximum every week. Also, it is important to cut down on curling or perming because it can ruin the health of your hair. Stay away from heating devices that are used to keep your hair in place.

You don’t have to use everything that is selling out there because your body is capable to grow a healthy hair on its own.

Stay away from chemical substances and substitute them with natural products. You need to take care of your hair before it is too late. It is better to prevent than to treat.


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