That’s A boundary

Having a good friend is something every person dreams of. Best friends are like pearls – rare and beautiful. What about all the toxic friends who suck up your energy and give you a headache?

Toxic friendship is equally dangerous as toxic relationships. These “friends” will kill your self-esteem and joy, leaving you miserable and depressed.

We give you six types of toxic friends you should avoid:

1. Flaky friends

They are always late and drop out of plans in the last minute. You can’t rely on these people, because they don’t respect you and your time. It’s really common for them to ditch a plan even when you are ready to leave the house.

You will never feel valued, and they have the power to destroy your self-esteem. If you have this person in your life, cut any ties and be friends with people who respect you.

2. Reckless friends

Some people like living on the edge, and their dangerous lifestyle will drag you down, too. They may drink too much alcohol, do drugs or change partners like socks…

You will have hard time ignoring this, and you may end up doing the same things. Having fun is great, but please, act your age and take responsibility for your actions.

3. Energy vampires

These are the guys who complain about everything. They are unhappy with their lives, your life, the climate and the entire mankind. You don’t need an energy vampire in your life.

You don’t need someone who only talks about their problems and ignore your needs and problems. Energy vampires are cynical and they are not even aware of it. If they are your close friends, talk to them and find a solution to this problem.

4. Attention-seekers

Drama queens spice up every party, but having these people asking for attention all the time is frustrating. Attention-seekers will turn the tiniest inconvenience into a drama, and they are usually the ones who start all the rumors.

Everyone seeks attention, but these people are terrible. Their reckless behavior is intolerable, and you will be fed up with their behavior at the end.

5. Competitors

Competition makes every relationship better, but a competitive friend will always say how their job is better than yours. They want to have a better partner, job, and a better family.

Whenever you start talking about your achievement, your competitive friend will start bragging about their success.

This friendship has no future. You need someone who will be happy for your success. You need a friend to share your joy with.

6. Friends who don’t make an effort

They will never make plans, and always wait for you to five ideas or call first. They forget your birthday, and don’t really do an effort see you or talk to you.

Friendship requires efforts from both sides. You can’t do it all by yourself. One-sided friendships are never good.

Cut toxic ties

If your friends do anything like this, you don’t need them in your life. If they are close friends, talk to them about this. If they don’t change, spend less time around them.

Friendships are golden. Finding a good friend is challenging, but it’s worth every moment you spend looking for them.



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