The Beauty In You

Real relationships rely on trust, love, respect and support. You can’t be in a romantic relationship with someone who doesn’t support your dreams. You can’t share your bed with someone who isn’t willing to listen to your problems.

It takes a lot of time and patience to build a healthy relationship and you both have to work really hard.

Fake relationships are easy to spot. Partners don’t communicate and they are both selfish. How to make a difference between mature and immature relationships? It’s super simple.

8 differences between mature and immature relationships

1. Missing parts

Immature relationship are not complete. Partners may struggle with trust issues, lack of respect or pretty much anything else. Mature partners know their relationship is not perfect, but they work really hard to make it unique and great.

They respect and love each other and take care of every aspect. Mature partners are lovers and friends at the same time.

2. Conflict resolution

Immature relationships look great at the beginning and partners rarely fight. Truth is, they don’t speak their mind about anything just to avoid conflicts. This turns into a fierce volcano! Mature partners don’t try to avoid conflicts and they talk about anything.

They discuss their differences and opinions. These two would work together to resolve the problem instead of ignoring it. If there isn’t a solution to their problem, they part ways with great respect for each other.

3. Rushing never works

Some couples rush to hit a lot of milestones. They don’t think twice before moving together and meet the family. Some even get married! Unlike these couples, mature partners take their time to make a big step. They enjoy every bit of their relationship, and don’t rush to reach “the happy ending.”

4. Destructive questions

This is the worst. Immature partners are insecure and full of doubts. They keep questioning their partner’s faithfulness and love. They even try to predict the end!

This adds additional pressure to the relationship, and partners rush away from each other. Mature partners don’t need any of this. They take their time to get to know their partner and pay attention to every detail. That’s how they know that their partner isn’t THE ONE.

5. Fighting from far away

Fighting over texts? Video chat? Immature partners do this all the time. Mature partners meet and discuss h problem. There’s nothing worse than being misunderstood. Breaking up over a text? There’s no such thing in their world.

6. Respect

Immature partners are liars and cheaters. They don’t respect their partner. They don’t respect themselves.

Mature partners respect each other and even in hard times. They’d talk to their partner about their problem rather than ignore them or even worse, cheat.

7. Trust

Immature partners don’t trust each other. They are still bugged about an ex or the flirty girl from the bar. An immature person will keep asking silly question which eventually leads to a breakup.

Mature partners trust each other and don’t ask unnecessary questions. They’d never cause tension for nothing. They rely on respect and trust.

8. The past

We all have a past. You may not be happy with every choice you have made. You may have suffered in the past. That’s you. Immature partners focus too much on the past and allow it to consume their love.

Mature partners don’t stress too much over the past. Everyone has a past and they are well aware of that. Learning the lesson is the only thing you can do about your past. Your partner will respect that.

Have you noticed any of this? Yes? Talk to your partner. If nothing changes you are free to move on.



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