The Day I Lost My Mother, I Lost A Part Of My Soul And I Wish She Knew How Much I Miss Her

Losing a parent feels like losing your greatest support in life. The entire world crumbles above your head, and you lose the ground beneath your soil. You don’t know this pain unless you go through it.

Your mom was always here to teach you a lot of things you don’t know even existed. First, she helped you walk, talk and even count to ten. She made you the tastiest cookies in the entire world, and you had a lot of fun decorating your home for Christmas.

You grew up, and she was still trying to teach you how to talk like an intellectual. Moms are here to find a solution for every problem you may have. They are also here to shed tears of joy for every success you have.

They cheer at your graduation, and help you get over your heartbreak. Who do you call first when things go rough? It’s your mom, right?

And suddenly, she is gone. Your idol is gone. Do you look like your mom? Yes? You probably have people approaching you just to say that you look just like her. You will be happy to hear this, but your heart will break into pieces at the same time.

Your mom was the best person in the world. You will always remember her as a lovely and kind woman with warm soul. Her smile will always be in your head.

Moms are burdened with so many problems, and they still find strength to laugh. She wanted you to know that you are safe and that everything is just fine.

The strongest mom you have ever known is gone. She did her best to give you the life you deserve. Those who were raised by a single mom know the pain. Moms never complain. They are always healthy and well, even when their body is in pain.

She would still clean the house, do the laundry and make lunch. She would even sit with you and listen to all your problems. Moms are the best listeners. They always celebrate your victories and cry when you go through rough times.

The biggest powers moms have is the ability to read your mind. Your mom knew you were sad well before you said it. She would talk to you for hours and wipe your tears as you fall asleep deep in the night.

Your mom have taught you how to be a good parent. Keep the memories alive, and talk to your kids about their grandma. Remember her as the great woman who introduce life to you.



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