The Day You Push Her Away Is The Day She’ll Realize How Strong She Is

Women need to be loved and respected. They need your attention, affection and touch. Be careful you treat them.

Your woman loves you more than anything in the world. She tries so hard to keep your relationship alive. She believes in you, and also believes in your change.

Do you love her? Enjoy every minute of your time with her. Don’t take her loyalty for granted. She knows that.

The day you mistreat that woman is the day you set her free. She gets an opportunity to live a better life. She will become stronger. Your disrespect will help her realize her worth.

First, she will be broken. She will cry all the time. You made her suffer. But, this suffering helped her rise like a phoenix. Watch her get back on her feet.

A broken woman needs time to heal. But once she does that, she will grow stronger. You will become part of her past. Would you like to be part of her past? No? Choose your words carefully. Don’t take her for granted.

Be careful with your love.

Be careful with her for her heart is so fragile. She gave your heart, and you broke it. She gave you everything she has. All the love that helps you sleep at night.

A mistreated woman won’t think twice when it comes to leaving you. She will put an end to your game to save her love for someone else. Someone who will treat her better. This woman will teach you how to treat other women. She will give you the lesson of your life.

It’s time to make a change. Change your behavior or watch the love of your life go. Life is too short to be wasted. She won’t waste her life. Remember this before you take her for granted.



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