The Most Efficient Detox and Weight Loss Drink – Recommended by Dr Saracoglu

Strengthen your immunity and lose couple of kilos by following the new method introduced by Turkish chemist and microbiologist, Dr. Ibrahim Saracoglu.

The detoxification procedure, according to dr Saracoglu, dissolves fats (especially around the liver), lowers the appetite, and also has diuretic antivirus and antifungal effect. The method provides weight loss of several kilos, boosts the immunity, cleanses the body, “dissolves” kidney stones and gallstones and makes the skin rejuvenile.

The doctor recommends this detoxification method especially to hepatitis B and C infected patients. The skin regeneration is only a plus throughout the procedure.


Thoroughly blend or chop in small pieces a small parsley stalk and two cloves of garlic.

Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and 5 oz/ 150ml of water to the mixture. Mix it all together. This beverage is consumed before breakfast and dinner for 3 days (the beverage is prepared before every meal).

After the first three days, make the same drink (water, parsley and lemon juice) but without garlic in it. Consume this juice 3 days in a row, also before breakfast and dinner.

For the next three days, prepare the recipe containing garlic in it, again.

The process lasts for 9 days. Make two weeks break, and repeat the cycle for another 9 days.


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