These 11 Foods are The Biggest Headache Triggers – Avoiding These Foods Reduces Headache by 30%

Migraines can be caused by certain changes in the brain and its interactions with trigeminal nerves. People who suffer from severe migraine can become sensitive to certain foods, strong perfumes, and even light can trigger their migraine.

Weather changes and other environmental factors are also some of the root causes for headaches.


Check the following list of foods that can partially cause migraines and if you have ever experienced a severe headache, carefully choose the food you eat.

1. Chocolate

A third of all the people who struggle with headaches should cut off the chocolate. A lot of people suffering from migraines have increased appetite just before the headache starts, and as the craving for sweets is a lot higher than for any other food, the fact that people often reach for chocolate should not come as a surprise.

And that is a solution by no means. Do not eat chocolate or at least make a tiny experiment and see whether it affects your headache.

2. Cheese

Tyramine is a substance that is naturally present in some foods, and is created when protein in the food you keep dissolves, meaning the longer your food stays untouched, the more tyramine it creates.

The amount of tyramine in cheese depends mostly on the process of fermentation, drying, degradation and even the presence of bacteria.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol increases blood circulation in the brain. Red wine, beer, whiskey and champagne are known as the main triggers of headaches. Although they may be your favorite booze, you may want to avoid these.

4. Cold food

If you have been exercising or spent a hot day out, the likelihood that you will reach for cold food is pretty great. However, you will experience pain in the front of your head, and it can last for a few seconds or even a few minutes.

5. Nitrates

Processed foods like hot dogs, salami or pepperoni contain nitrates that are held as responsible for headaches. Nitrates are the most common preservatives added to food for a better taste, and also for a longer shelf life. Nitrates are also found in sauces, meat, salted or smoked meat, and canned food. Avoid meat every time it is possible.

6. Tannins

Tea, red apples or pears, apple juice and red wine contain tannins, plant formations that give food a tart flavor that can be recognized by the feeling of dryness in the mouth. Tannins are strong and in some people may trigger a headache.

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