These Rare Orchids Look Like Monkey Faces, and You Can Buy the Seeds

Magic comes in different shapes and sizes, and these rare orchids are our synonym for magic. The Dracula orchid have a “monkey face” in the middle of their flower.

In 1978, Carlyle Luer established the genus and used the Latin word for dragon to describe it as confirmed by the American Orchid Society (AOS). The plant has small-to medium-sized epiphytes with unusual appearance.

There are many types of these orchids, and they all have the monkey face in the middle of the flower. They look different, but this detail is a common feature.

The Dracula orchid has short, creeping rhizomes with short, one-leafed shoots with a specific midrib. It grows single flowers, and some species have erect inflorescences.

If you are looking for a magical flower for a special person, the Dracula Orchid is your best choice. You can get these great orchids on Etsy, and hopefully you will start your own collection. It’s time to turn your garden into a zoo! Sort of.

Plastic mesh baskets work best for Dracula orchids. In this way, the roots gets enough air, but be careful, they may dry out more quickly. Make sure the roots don’t dry out totally.

Do you know that the roots may die in a few hours if you let them dry out or if the temperature is too high? Orchids are too hard to overwater, so you can water them pretty often. This isn’t an important topic if the humidity is high.

If you don’t know what to use, get sphagnum moss. It’s a great potting mix and keeps the roots moist.

Day temperatures should go below 68°F (20C), and night temperatures should drop at least 10-15°F (6-8C). The orchid likes low lighting, and 1000-1500 footcandles works really great for this purpose. If you go for high lighting, make sure the temperature is low, and the other way round.


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Plant fact: a Orquídea-cara-de-macaco é uma flor rara que além da aparência curiosa, é extremamente difícil de ser encontrada. A “Dracula simia” se assemelha visualmente ao rosto de um macaco e cresce em áreas de difícil acesso no Equador, Colômbia e Peru, com altitude entre mil e dois mil metros! A primeira pessoa a avistar essa flor foi o botânico chileno Hugo Gunckel Luer, que em 1978 relatou uma planta diferente que exalava um cheiro de laranja 🌸🙊 Plant fact: the Monkey-face Orchid is a rare flower which in addition to its curious appearance, is extremely difficult to find. The “Dracula simian” is visually similar to a monkey’s face and grows in mountainous regions of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, at an elevation of between 1,000 and 2,000m above sea level! The first person to see this flower was the Chilean botanist Hugo Gunckel Luer, who in 1978 reported a peculiar plant that smelled like ripe oranges #plantfact #orquideacarademacaco #curiosidade #incrivel #flor #rara #draculasimia #monkeyfaceorchid #flower #rare #wow #movimento90 #m90º

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