This Amazing Compress Will Help You Relieve Headache and Treat Swollen Feet Naturally

This super-simple salty compress will not only relieve your headache, but it will also regulate your blood pressure and reduce any swellings in your feet instantly!

How does it works?

This one may confuse some of you. Increased salt intake causes swelling and increased blood pressure, but salty compress has the opposite effect. It stimulates the elimination of excess water from the body directly through the skin, acting as a strong diuretic.

If you are dealing with a severe headache make this saline solution as soon as possible:

1. Use a gauze or cotton cloth.

2. Fold it in eight layers, so it can fit your forehead and your head circumference.

3. Heat 250 ml of water to 60-70 degrees, and add 2 flat teaspoons of salt.

4. Now you have an 8% saline solution.

5. Wash your forehead, ears and the back of your head with some warm water.

6. Soak your gauze or cotton cloth in the saline solution, gently squeeze out any excess liquid, shake it lightly so it can cool for a while and wrap it around your head, ears and nape.

7. Secure the compress using a cotton scarf.

8. Lie down and relax.

9. You should feel some relief within a few minutes, but keep the compress on for a little longer.

10. Lie for another 20 minutes.

11. Once you remove the compress, rinse your forehead, ears and nape with warm water.

You can use the same method to reduce any swellings in your feet.

1. Dilute half a kilogram of salt in 5 liters of cold water.

2. Soak a soft cloth in the solution, squeeze it gently, and apply it directly on the lumbar area of your back. Leave the coon for 20 minutes.

3. Repeat the treatment for 10 days in a row, every evening before you go to bed.

4. The swelling will disappear thanks to the frequent urination which will begin after the very first treatment.

5. You can use the salty compress on your feet in a different way: soak a cotton cloth in a warm saline solution, squeeze the excess out and wrap it around your swollen feet.

6. Cover your legs and keep them warm for 20 minutes.


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