This Creative Mom Transforms Kids’ Hearing Aids Into Superheroes To Boost Their Confidence

Hearing aids are designed to help people diagnosed with a degree of deafness. These aids are really helpful, but let’s be honest, kids don’t like them at all.

Every kid dreams of being accepted, and these hearing aids make them feel and look different. That’s not how kids like to feel, and this is actually their greatest fear.

Sarah Ivermee from UK had cytomegalovirus during her pregnancy. Her son Freddie was profoundly deaf in his right ear and moderately to severely deaf in his left ear. Doctors diagnosed his deafness when he was 3 months old.

Freddie is 4 and he always wears his hearing aids. But, Sarah met other families whose children hated their hearing aids.

She realized that a lot of kids don’t like wearing their aids, saying they make them feel embarrassed.

Sarah’s friend has a nine-year-old daughter who thinks hearing aids make her feel different. So, Sarah decided to give the girl some flowery nail stickers she had around. The kid was so happy!

It was a simple solution to a big problem, and Sarah thought there must be something similar in the market. There wasn’t. In other words, an idea was born!

Sarah did a lot of research, and her Lugs were launched in 2014. Lugs is a company that sells custom-made kits to make hearing aids and cochlear implants pretty and better accepted.

There are so many designs, and kids love all the colorful flowers, superheroes and tiny details Parents should only send her details of their kids’ hearing aids so she can make the right decoration.

Sarah is really proud of her work. This was one of the greatest ideas she could’ve come up with, and many kids are happy thanks to her.

She keeps getting thank you messages and emails, and her little customers like wearing their Lugs. Her son Freddie gets the best designs every month which is the perfect way to advertise his mom’s work.

These designs are super cool, and we already know someone who needs one of these cute kits.



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