This Dachshund Had The Most Adorable Newborn Photoshoot After Giving Birth To Six Puppies!

Belinda Sol is a photographer who enjoys making great photos of new moms and their kids. Her photoshoots are incredible, and she knows how to capture one of the greatest moments for every expecting mom.

But, something interesting happened when her client, Mona, called her to make an appointment and request a photoshoot. Belinda didn’t have a feeling about this one, and thought it would be a regular photoshoot. It wasn’t.

When the photographer returned Mona’s call, she found out about her plans that included Mia. Things get very interesting when you realize that Mia is a pregnant Dachshund.

Belinda admits she had never done a dog photoshoot before, and she was full of excitement to do this one.

It was an incredible challenge for the professional photographer, and her excitement helped her make a dress for the dog and buy the props she needed for the shoot.

The maternity dress was incredible, and the appointment was scheduled.

Mia wasn’t alone on the day of the shoot. Her beloved and proud husband was there, too. Well, he will soon become a dad, and this day was really special for him.

The session went without any problems. Mia is a well-trained mom, and the babies in her belly didn’t let her run around a lot.

When the photographer uploaded the photos on her Facebook page, the response was more than incredible. Thousands of people left cute comments under the pictures, and Belinda was surprised by the reactions.

She came up with the perfect idea! A newborn shoot!

The Dachshund gave birth to six tiny puppies, and Belinda was here to catch her joy.

The sweetest detail? The puppies had tiny crocheted caps for the photoshoot made by Crochet Creations by Rebecca Monroe.

These hats are definitely the cherry on top. What’s better than a bunch of newly born sausage dogs, crocheted caps and a lot of cuddling.

The puppies for most of the photoshoot. Just like every other baby! Check out these photos, and have fun discussing these photos.



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