“This Diet Helped Me Fight Cancer” – Dr. David Servan-Schreiber’s True Story

Dr David Servan-Schreiber was a general practitioner and a psychiatrist, and author of the bestseller “Anti cancer: A new way of life”. He decided to write this book, because he was diagnosed with brain tumor. But he died after 19 years of struggle.

He discovered he had brain tumor quite accidentally. During a research, after having some problems with the results, he decided to lie down on the scan in order to detect the problem. His colleagues noticed a brain tumor with the size of a hazelnut.

After the discovery of the tumor, he went through several surgeries, chemotherapies and remissions. However, once the cancer had completely changed his life, he committed himself to conducting numerous studies.

First, we wanted to discover what causes cancer and the results were quite surprising. Air pollution did not cause the cancer, as he supposed, but the sugar that is consumed in large quantities by almost 80% of the population.

Searching For a Cure

David did not take much care about the food he consumed and he had his meals like any other person. He drank soft drinks, ate everything he liked without being careful whether it is harmful or not and he often consumed sugar.

At the beginning of his research he realized that cell phones emit radiation, and we still use them near the brain. Therefore, he recommended the use of headphones only in order to protect ourselves from the harmful radiation.

Moreover, he found that the list of anticancer foods is really long. Some foods have anti-inflammatory properties, while others kill cancer cells. Apart from these, there are foods that extract the toxins that cause cancer and foods that protect against free radicals.

In fact, most food products do not attack the disease in one, but in many different ways. You can consume them three times a day, because they are free and have no side-effects.

Anti-cancer diet is actually the opposite of what most Americans eat. First of all, you need to eat a lot of vegetables, legumes, olive oil and flax, spices and herbs. You can add meat and eggs to your menu once in a while.


Green tea is excellent in the fight against cancer because it contains polyphenols, including catechins, which reduce the creation of new blood cells that feed tumors. In addition to this, green tea is a powerful antioxidant and efficiently eliminates toxins from the body, killing the cancer cells in that way.

Prepare green tea following these steps: boil some water and let it cool for a while. Do not add green tea in boiling water, because high temperatures reduce its healing properties.

Rosehip juice had been used in the Persian medicine for thousands of year. There is evidence proving its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, and studies have shown that rosehip juice significantly reduces the development of the most aggressive prostate cancer forms.

Regular consumption of rosehip juice can reduce the development of prostate cancer for up to 50%!

Fresh ginger and turmeric, or Indian saffron, have strong anti-inflammatory effect on the development of tumors. Moreover, ginger tea helps fighting nausea during chemotherapies. Turmeric is an ingredient found in curry, but curry contains only 20% of turmeric, so it provides better results when used as a pure ingredient.

Healthy Vegetables

In his book, David listed Brussel sprouts, Chinese cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, because these vegetables contain anticancer molecules. They help the body get rid of carcinogens and prevent the development of malignant tumors. These vegetables should be cooked briefly or eaten raw in a salad.

Garlic, leeks and onions contain sulfur compounds that kill cancer cells in the intestine, breasts, lungs and prostate. Epidemiological studies also show that people who eat a lot of garlic run at a lower risk of kidney and prostate cancer. The nutrients help the body absorb more easily, so it is better when you eat these vegetables in combination with some olive oil.

Fatty Fish

People who eat fish at least twice a week run at a significantly lower risk of developing different cancer types. Omega 3 fatty acids prevailing in the fish have anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the risk of cancer. Sardines are an excellent choice, and so is wild salmon, but try to consume these fish freshly prepared, and not frozen.


Oranges, tangerines, lemon and grapefruit contain anti-inflammatory nutrients that stimulate the detoxification of cancer cells in the liver. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries contain acids and polyphenols that prevent tumor development. Eat them for breakfast with some soy milk and cereals. When frozen these fruits are as effective and fresh.

His best advice is that you can freely enjoy dark chocolate because it is full of antioxidants. He believes that a piece of high-quality dark chocolate is healthier than a glass of red wine and equally good as a cup of green tea.

Thanks to this diet, Dr. David managed to prevent the cancer from spreading for 11 years. However, his book will be remembered not as a bestseller, but as one of the best books written by the man who really understood people diagnosed with cancer. He constantly advised people to eat healthy food, practice regular physical activity and have time to relax.


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