This Shiba Inu Is The Cutest Flower Boi In Japan And His 19 Pics Are Making People Happy

Japanese photographer Masayo Ishizuki and her canine friend Hachi make the best pics you will see on the Internet these days. The photographer enjoys every bit of the Hitachi Seaside Park in Tsukuba, Ibaraki prefecture, and her photography takes our breath away.

Masayo and Hachi love the millions of flowers that bloom inside the great park. That’s what makes her photos even more special.

Hachi is a Shiba Inu, the symbol of Japan. This dog breed is the smallest of the six original Japanese dog breeds (Akita Inu, Shikoku Inu, Kishu Inu, Hokkaido, and Kai Ken). These dogs were bred before the 19th century.

Masayo’s dog “looks really sharp in flowers and is a ridiculously cute dog,” and that’s how the idea was born. Tens of thousands of Instagram users agree with Masayo, and Hachi has 18,100 followers.

Hachi loves his flowers, and Masayo enjoys taking pics of him

Masayo has been working with a single-lens reflex camera since 2016. Hachi arrived at her home in 2015, and he was a rescue dog. The poor pup was really scared of other dogs. This changed overtime, and today, he really likes hanging out with his friends.

Shiba dogs have incredible personality, and this makes them number one option when it comes to picking a companion dog. That’s what experts from the American Kennel Club say. Dogs from this breed have a lot of energy, and they are really loyal to their owners. Of course, they may sometimes be “standoffish” to “outsiders.”

Masayo has already had a Shiba Inu in her life. Ron died in December 2015.

People in Japan use three different words to describe the majesty of these dogs.

Kan-i refers to the dogs’ alertness and bravery. Ryosei stands for their great nature, loyalty and obedience. Soboku describes the dogs’ natural looks.

These dogs are oftentimes referred to as “divas.” When stressed, they release a wail just like you and me. What gives them stress? Baths and “pedicure.” Shiba dogs are clean and like to lick their paws. They don’t really like mud and dirt. In other words, you won’t have to wash them really often.

To make her incredible photos, Masayo combines her lovely dog and all the flowers in the park. The park has 4.5 million nemophila plants. It’s like heaven on Earth. You can also find tulips, sunflowers, narcissi, poppies and kochia. Hitachi covers 350 hectares, and 200 hectares are available to visitors.



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