“To The Rest Of The World, You Have No Idea What’s Coming”: Man Lists 6 Stages Italy Has Gone Through

Twitter user Jason Yanowitz decided to teach everyone a lesson. He helped the world understand the catastrophe Italy faces at the moment. Yanowitz listed the stages that the country went through the coronavirus outbreak.

What’s the point? He wanted to let people know that the situation is pretty serious. COVID-19 hit almost every country in the world and killed too many people. Yanowitz’s post became viral. He delivered an important message. Hopefully, people won’t take his warning for granted.

Yanowitz feels frustrated that people across the globe aren’t taking the virus seriously. He created a Twitter threat to warn everyone.  “Storytelling drives action, and this story hits hard” is here to open your eyes.

Jason Yanowitz went into detail about the 6 stages of the coronavirus outbreak that happened in Italy

Doctors and nurses don’t even go home. Italians are under quarantine. It’s almost impossible to prevent any further spreading of the disease.

“Doctors and nurses are very mission-driven and this helps them stay focused in times of great stress,” a representative from Doctors in Italy said. “They have, for once, tremendous recognition from all the general population, who usually love to criticize. Now that they are under such pressure, everyone realizes how much we all depend on their care and work.

They can nurture their hope and sense of mission, by focusing on the daily wins, even if small, and face this emergency one day at a time—though many have lost count of which day it is.”

Can medical personnel tell people anything to shut down the fears?

“When your own health is involved, or when worried about loved ones, very little reassurance can come from numbers. Percentages won’t help reassure anyone about their own chances. On the other hand, even little gestures of human compassion and care can make a great difference.

Many are worried that hospitals will be overcrowded and they won’t get enough attention, so letting them know that they are being considered helps a lot. Even simply saying that they care—and we know they do—goes a long way.”

This is how Twitter users reacted to Jason’s thread about the situation in Italy



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