Top Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy And Alkaline Body

Eating alkaline foods is good for your body. You blood is slightly alkaline and it’s pH value goes between 7.35 and 7.45. However, your stomach is acidic, and it needs its acids to digest food.

Processed meat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol create an acidic environment in the body, causing an almost irreversible damage to the body.

Acidity increases your risk of developing serious health issues, and it’s often linked to cancer and other deadly diseases.

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to the food they eat which is why we have an increased number of individuals dealing with chronic diseases, obesity and diabetes.

Replace your regular acidic foods with nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. Your body needs a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so try to give it the foods it needs to do its job properly.

When was the last time you had dark leafy greens for lunch? These veggies make your body alkaline, and offer an abundance of vitamin C, B6 and folate, minerals and other healthy ingredients. Dark leafy green veggies are low in cholesterol and sodium.

Add more kale, lettuce, spinach, arugula and other greens to your menu.

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid with strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It optimizes your immune function, and enhances every process in the body.

You should also eat zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers, celery and green peppers.

Carrots, onions, garlic, beets, lotus root, taro root, radishes and potatoes don’t belong to the family of leafy greens, but they are as powerful as your kale.

Beans have an alkalizing effect, too. Soybeans, lima beans, beans and peas are great ingredients to use. Kick their flavor with your favorite spices, and enjoy your nutritious meal.

Grapes have similar power. Fresh and ripe grapes provide lots of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins B1 and B6. Watermelons are juicy, delicious and refreshing.

This summer fruit keeps you hydrated, strengthens your heart, reduces inflammation, neutralizes oxidative stress and enhances digestion.

Lemons are a must when it comes to consuming alkaline foods. It’s a citrus with incredible power. Lemons are oftentimes mistaken for acidic foods, but nutritionists say that these citruses have the greatest alkalizing effect when compared to other food.

If you are a fruit lover, make sure you eat plenty of figs, bananas, grapefruits, lime, pineapple, and pears.

Seeds are healthy, too. Chia seeds deserve a special place on your table. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds… Add more seeds to your fruit salad, and watch your health improve.



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