Video Of Boy With Down’s Syndrome Comforting Classmate With Autism Goes Viral

Children know so little about life, but they can definitely give us the best lessons of love and compassion. They show empathy and compassion whenever someone else is sad. The following story will warm your hearts.

A teacher at a Mexican school filmed one student who was trying to comfort a distressed boy. The kid hugged the autistic classmate and stroke his hair. He was even wiping away his tears!

This story reached the hearts of millions people across the world. It was shared on Twitter and Reddit, and users shared similar experiences. Children with Down’s Syndrome are kind and lovable.

The comment section was flooded with words of praise for the boy.

One person wrote, “My nephew has ‘Down’ syndrome. I put that in quotation marks because there is nothing downs about it. I’ve never seen anybody w/ the ability to empathise like he does. These kids truly have the most biggest hearts. They are so pure.”

Another added, “You’ve never been hugged until you’ve been hugged by a person with Down’s syndrome, they are hugging experts. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL people that we can all learn from.”

The identity of the children is unknown, but this act of kindness will touch the heart of the coldest person you know. It’s a small gesture, but it sure means a lot for the crying boy.

Down’s Syndrome describes a condition in which a person is born with an extra chromosome. These individuals do have a slight learning disability. But, this doesn’t change the fact that they have huge personalities, great talents and a lot of awesome abilities.

Experts at the Down’s Syndrome Association released the following explanation:

“Down’s syndrome is not a disease and therefore people with Down’s syndrome do not suffer nor are they victims of their condition. Down’s syndrome is only a part of the person, they should not be referred to as ‘a Down’s’.

“People with Down’s syndrome are all unique individuals and should be acknowledged as a person first and foremost. It is important to think of the person first, e.g. ‘John is 29 and he has Down’s syndrome.’”

Statistics shows that one in every 1,000 babies are born with this syndrome.

This is the most heartwarming story we have read these days. It’s a nice example of how adults should behave, because with all the electronics around us, we forget the real values of life.

A simple hug can make someone’s day. This kid is a better person than most people we know. The future of our kids is in our hands, but kids are actually the best teachers.



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