Warning Signs of a Heart Attack You Shouldn’t Ignore

A heart attack is a silent killer that often occurs due to lack of physical activity, poor diet and generally unhealthy lifestyle.

Although most of the people think differently, heart attack rarely happens out of the blue. More precisely, the body is trying to warn a few days earlier or perhaps a few weeks even a month before the attack.

Cardiovascular experts have been long concerned about the so-called silent heart attack and its moderate symptoms or signs that sometimes seem unrelated to the heart.

Recently Doctor Chauncey Crandall created a list of some warning signs that you should pay special attention on.

The four warning signs that Doctor Chauncey Crandall has created are:

1. Chest pain, although not every chest pain have to mean a heart attack. Tough, long lasting chest pain can spread through both arms, stomach, between shoulders and in the lower jar. You can often feel stinging in the chest area. This same feel can also occur in the neck or in the lower area of the belly.

2. Sweating and nausea, one of the frequent symptoms of a heart attack is perspiring of cold sweat.

3. Breathing problems, excessive need of air (taking short breaths) which makes the patient to sit or lie down. This sign may occur alone or with chest discomfort.

4. Problems with the stomach;

If you recognize the signals that your body send to you, statistically you will be two hours ahead. This way the chances to prevent death or permanent damage to the heart are bigger.

Even if you are not sure at what indicate your symptoms, contact your doctor as soon as possible because in these cases, and minutes are important and fast response can save lives.

It is important to recognize what your heart wants to indicate with the signs.

Source: www.webmd.com


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