Watching Your Parents Die Is A Pain Like No Other, You Can Never Be Prepared For It

Fathers are so special. Every kid looks up to their dad, and dads are our heroes. Things can get messy for teenagers, but everything goes well after that period.

You grow up, move out of your home, and start off a new life. Yes, you do meet for dinner or spend the holidays together.

A deadly diagnose changes it all. You start missing the old times, and suddenly, you became aware of the nightmare you are about to go through. It’s like life slips down your hands.

When did everything change? You start feeling guilty for all the arguments you had. Sometimes, you even blame yourself for your father’s condition.

Unfortunately, you can’t go back. You can’t take those ugly words back. Moreover, you have to stand by your parent’s deathbed and watch him disappear.

When did he get all those wrinkles? How did time go by so fast? The only thing you are left with is this guilt. It strangles you. You can’t breathe. You pray for your dad to live a little longer. You pray for another hug.

Everything changes overnight. You’re helpless. You’re exhausted and your body is in pain. Just like your dad. Sadly, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s impossible for you to focus on your job, friends… Yes, you even quit your job to spend more time with your dying parent.

Your dad won’t approve this. He may be weak, but he wants the best for you. Putting your life on hold is not an option. But, you can’t go to work and ignore the fact that your father will be gone in a few days. You cry a lot. All the time when he isn’t around.

You will remember the final days forever. Every aching smile and every joke that’s supposed to make you smile. You smile, but you fake it because you don’t want your dad to be sad.

He will always be by your side, watching you from somewhere nice. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt anymore. The pain is gone. His pain is gone. Yours will stay inside your chest forever. You won’t be able to breathe at some point, but you will get used to it.



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