Weights vs Cardio: Which Burns More Fat? Your Guide to the Perfect Body

What happens when you engage into running as an exercise but fail to lose the pounds you want? If you are keen on training and burning fat, you have probably heard running is quite effective in providing the desired results.

However, more and more people find it fruitless even despite putting in the work. That, of course, poses the question – What is the best way to burn fats and still get quick turnaround?

It just so happens that cardio alone doesn’t get the slimming job done. Although healthy and recommended, burning fats should be practiced as a combination of cardio exercises and a few other factors. Let’s discuss these below:

1. Strength Training

Calories burn remain the main focus for many people who exercise, but this practice does not keep a steady pace. So, instead of counting the calories you’ve burnt, try to increase the tempo at which you burn calories in the first place.

When you keep the body strong and operative, you not only eliminate excess pounds but also keeps you in check with your endurance training.

The more power and intensity you put into your workout, the faster results you’ll see. Of course, if you are a beginner, moderate your cardio workouts to what your body can handle, thus avoiding injuries along the way.

2. Resistance Training Doesn’t Result in a ‘Manly’ Body

Many females are led to believe that resistance training transforms the body into a more masculine shape. However, this old-as-time myth cannot be more wrong.

At the same time, if you are a female looking to burn fats and get into shape, resistance training is only the beginning of the process.

Along with it, you also have to incorporate a proper nutrition, thus enhancing the muscles and reducing fat deposits in the body.

3. Weight Training Makes You a Better Athlete

Having an athletic body constitutes engaging into a strength-training routine. Of course, this means that if you want to keep your body free of excess fat, it is best you focus on activating multiple muscles at once.

The idea of activating only one set of muscles is a bit dated and debunked by those who engage the entire body when working out.

As a result, multi-purpose exercises will strengthen your muscles, joints, tendons, and spine, while also wasting excess body fats. That said, a combo of squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses might be a great way to trigger all muscles to come out and play.

Ultimately, you are looking to create a flow of exercises, rather following than a stop-switch-do pattern.

4. Running Alone Won’t Get the Wanted Results

While running makes a great exercise for the body and mind, it is also straining to the muscles, knees, and joints. To avoid this pressure in the lower body, it is best you combine running with a series of hips and legs exercises, as well as some core strengthening.

If you are a fan of running, you can intertwine it with hip-stabilizing exercises, like squats, lunges and climbing steps. Also, be mindful of the core and focus on doing exercises like planks, side planks, and more advanced yoga poses, which will keep your frame strong and engaged.

If you have troublesome joints, you can do the desired exercises in a swimming pool, thus reducing the risks of an injury.

For a variation, also try doing kettlebell swings, Prowler pushes or even battle rope training.

Additional Tips on Burning Fats Faster

As said, working out alone won’t get you far and will only introduce periodical results. To ensure the effects of your workout, focus on using these tips as well:

  • Eat right, avoid sugar and consume protein, fiber, and vitamin-rich products. Don’t cut out the fat as it helps you gain more energy.
  • Sleep enough during the night. Not just that, make sure you get the right amount and the right quality of sleep. Usually, adults need between 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and it is also recommended you never stray from your sleeping hours pattern.
  • Hydrate regularly. If you are already drinking water, you can also add tea to your list of healthy beverages which provide a line of other health benefits, too. At the same time, avoid the consumption of alcohol or bring it to a bare minimum.
  • Control what you eat. The food industry offers a great deal of healthy products to choose from, such as veggies, lean protein, fruits, seeds, and nuts. That said, it is best you avoid sugar in any form, along with eating late – no matter how healthy the product is.

Source: www.workoutbox.net


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