What Are The Dangers of Eating To Much Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are considered as a healthy dietary supplement, but when consumed in large amounts, these may have negative effect on your body.

Health experts recommend consuming small amounts of dried fruit, usually about 2 tablespoons of the fruit you choose, and you should most certainly not eat it straight from the package, because in that way you are not aware of the amount you consume.


You should also avoid consuming additionally sweetened fruits to avoid eating unnecessary calories. Of course, we are not insinuating that dried fruit is not healthy, but if you consume it in large amounts, you may experience some side effects.

Problems with digestion

Dried fruit is rich in fiber, essential for your metabolism and digestive health, which includes healthy stomach, small intestine and colon. But, increased amount of fiber may cause more harm than good, especially if you do not consume foods rich in fiber regularly.

Moreover, dried fruit can cause bloating, spasms, gases, constipation and diarrhea. Prevent these conditions and eat moderate amounts of dried fruit every day.

Weight gain

Taking into consideration its great flavor, you can easily eat more than you are supposed to. Health experts believe that by consuming 3,500 calories more than you should, you can increase your weight for up to 0,5 kilograms.

So, you may want to stick to the recommended dose.


Dried fruit is rich in natural sugars, or fructose. Additional amounts of sugar are added to certain kinds of dried fruit in order to keep the moisture level to a minimum, and also to keep the fruits from sticking to one another.

As you already know, sugar is the main culprit for the occurrence of caries. Drink plenty of water when consuming dried fruit, and once you are done, make sure you brush your teeth.

Decrease of blood sugar level

Certain dried fruits, especially those kinds that are additionally enriched with sugar, have high glycemic index. These products increase blood sugar level immediately, providing an instant energy boost.

But, once you reach the peak, your blood sugar starts decreasing, making you feel tired. Raisins have high glycemic index, prunes have the lowest glycemic index, and dates are in the middle.


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