What Happens to Your Body if You Are Consuming Sugar Everyday

You really do not need white refined sugar in your diet, and it is time to realize this fact. Some people consume it unconsciously, because producers tend to add it in sweets and other foods.

Unfortunately, once you consume it, white sugar sets up chaos in your organism. It really does harm your health. According to the World Health Organization, you should not consume more than 6 teaspoons of white sugar, and it tends to reduce the amount to 3 teaspoons.


This number is still insignificant, but take into consideration that a single glass of soft drink contains at least 10 teaspoons. By consuming it in large amounts. You will sure deal with any of the following health problems.

1. Cavities

Sugar is the worst enemy of your teeth. According to dentists in the US, there is a specific bacteria that eats sugar. When given enough sugar, it produces an acid that damages your tooth enamel.

2. Hunger

The hormone which tells your brain when you are full is called leptin. Too much sugar will make you resistant, and your brain will not understand the message that you do not need any food, making you feel hungry.

3. Weight gain

Excessive consumption of sugar is the reason why you are gaining weight. The same goes for those that keep gaining weight, despite of their regular physical activity. There is no such thing that will make you fat or keep you from losing weight like refined sugar.

4. Insulin resistance

Insulin is the hormone that transforms sugar into energy. If you eat sugar regularly, your insulin level will be quite high, making your organism insulin resistant, and the sugar ends up in your blood. T

his leads to fatigue, starving, and high blood pressure, but not many people know that they have diabetes.

5. Diabetes

Foods are loaded with sugar, and the number of people diagnosed with diabetes keeps increasing. Same as it causes insulin resistance, sugar also causes diabetes.

6. Sugar affects liver function

Large amounts of sugar stimulate your liver to work more than it should, and fat starts accumulating around it. This is the root cause of many health problems.

7. Pancreatic cancer

This type of cancer is marked with the highest death rate. Same as with other cancer types, scientists still have not found the root cause, but many studies have shown that patients have always consumed large amounts of sugar.

8. Kidney disease

This is still a presumption, but certain studies have shown terrifying results. Scientists have found that soft drinks can damage kidneys only by making them deal with all the sugar and the chemicals they contain.

9. Hypertension

Although salt is often associated with high blood pressure, certain studies have confirmed that excessive consumption of sugar can stimulate the creation of certain acids in the body that increase your blood pressure.

10. Heart diseases

Same as with hypertension, sugar can also increase the risk of heart diseases.

11. Addiction

Yes, you can become an addict. Many substances have the power to make your brain ask for more, and sugar can do the same.

12. Reduced cognitive abilities

Obesity and diabetes are often associated with reduced cognitive abilities and Alzheimer’s. This is the reason why you should be more careful with diabetes. Certain studies have revealed the connection between Alzheimer’s and high-sugar diet.

13. Lack of important nutrients

If you eat too much sugar, your body will not ask for any other food. In this way you cannot get some important nutrients contained in other foods that you do not even think about.

14. Joint pain

The chaos that sugar causes in your body stimulates the secretion of some acids that are often cause joint pain.


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