What Happens When You Fall In Love With A Strong And Independent Woman

Independent women know how to take a good care of them. They never depend on another person. Do you have an independent woman in your life? If yes, you probably know that she has built high walls around her. Only a real person would break these walls and reach for her heart.

Why would a woman build walls around her heart? Truth is, the world has become a terrible place. We live surrounded with terrible people. Building walls around our hearts may be the best thing we can do to protect ourselves.

Strong women know that giving away their love easily is dangerous. That’s why they use a shield to protect their heart from toxic people and narcissists.

  • What’s like to be in love with an independent woman?

You will have to put a lot of effort to earn her trust. You have to be patient. She will not open up to you at the very beginning of your romance. Make her a priority to gain her trust. Her soul is probably wounded, and it needs to be healed.

Don’t even think of changing this woman. She will build even higher walls, and you will never get to her heart. Try to understand her. That’s the first thing you should do. Go slowly and be patient. An independent woman has to know that you would never hurt her. She will never let someone into her world all of a sudden.

It’s a slow process. A strong woman would never ask you for help. She will be the one helping you. But, this doesn’t mean you should sit there and do nothing. Offer some help. She will accept it at some point. There’s something beautiful behind her cold shield.

  • Independent women are stubborn, self-willed and individualistic

Independent women can easily get used to their single life. If this happens, you are in trouble. These women have hard time letting someone in their life. But, this untouchable woman needs a savior.

She may not show it, but she needs someone to take care of her. A strong woman admit she is vulnerable. Be a devoted partner, and she will open her soul. Be there for her. Always. Even when she says she doesn’t need you.

  • It’s worth all the effort

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth all the effort and all the headaches. Once an independent woman lets you in her heart, you will enjoy every minute of it. When a strong woman loves, she loves for real. Her love will be real. A strong woman will invest her time and energy in the relationship.

But, remember, you have to be patient. Your strong-willed partner will feel your impatience, and she will run away.



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