What is Wine Doing to Your Face? How Bad Diet Habits Destroy Your Complexion

Your face can tell you which products harm your health: Recognize what destroys you according to the look of your face – is your face sugar, gluten, dairy, or wine face?

How to determine whether your body tolerates alcohol, gluten, dairy or sugar? Check your face in the mirror and recognize your true ‘enemy.’ Your skin is the mirror of your health, and it reflects your dietary habits.

Unhealthy foods and nutrient intolerance are held as responsible for the occurrence of certain skin issues, especially on the face area.

Dr Nigma Talib, an appreciated naturopathic doctor, presented the following infographics, and determined 4 face types and side effects that reflect on your face, depending on the products that harm overall health.

1. Wine-harmed face

Symptoms: Distinctive lines or oily shiny between the eyebrows that are a bit lowered. Wrinkles and lines in the eye area, dehydrated and flaky skin, large pores, reddish skin tone, visible puffiness and wrinkles.

What does ‘wine face’ actually mean? In addition to the act that wine is abundant in sugars and potential pesticides or sulfates, it also dehydrates skin. The body loses too much water, which burdens the liver, harms digestion, and eventually you end up with wrinkled, unattractive and saggy skin.

Regular and excessive consumption of wine may cause various pathogenic diseases. If you wonder what amount is safe for your skin, or how to relieve any symptoms, experts suggest that you take a 3-week break. After your cleansing period, limit your wine consumption to 100ml per day or less.

2. Gluten face

Typical symptoms caused by gluten intolerance include swollen, reddish cheeks, puffiness, pigmentation changes and blackheads in the chin area. It is estimated that about 15% of world’s population is sensitive to gluten, which is easily noticed by the swollen face and various inflammatory processes within the body.

What is ‘gluten face’? There may be another explanation to the way gluten harms your body. The number of individuals dealing with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attack itself after you eat gluten, is pretty low, and the majority is just sensitive to the protein.

Gluten causes bowel disorders and causes inflammation. One of the reactions involves increased pigmentation of skin, which later causes blemishes and bad skin tone. If you are fed up with your uneven tone, you may want to cut off all the gluten from your diet.

3. Milk face

Symptoms: Milk face is characterized by swollen and saggy eye brow area. Sometimes it affects the entire eye area, including dark circles around the eyes. Pale cheeks, acne in the chin area and blackheads on the entire fact are the most common symptoms of this type.

What does ‘milk face’ mean? By adding some extra milk to your coffee or having some more ice cream is like a dream, but this can really harm your skin tone and your health in general, especially if your body has trouble processing lactose. Getting older means losing some of the enzymes that enhance the digestion of lactose.

This triggers inflammation in the entire body, including your face, which sometimes appears to be all tired and red. If your face seems to be tired, and your skin dry and rough, consider giving up on dairy for at least several weeks. This gives you enough time to determine whether your appearance has improved.

4. Sugar face

Symptoms: Lines and wrinkles in the forehead area, visible eye bags, oily shine, cystic acne, rough and thinning skin, greyish and pale skin.

What does ‘sugar face’ mean? It is no secret that regular consumption of lots of sugar may cause severe damage in the body, obesity, energy imbalance, overall health and skin issues.

Sugar causes glycation, a process in which extra glucose molecules bind with collagen, making it hard and rough. If you are tired of all those spots and wrinkles, and you are dreaming of having a flawless skin, cut off sugar. If you cannot live without sugar, limit its intake to a minimum.

Source: www.davidwolfe.com


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