What It’s Really Like To Live With Mental Illness

Experts at the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) reveal that 1 in 5 American adults struggles with a mental disease each year. According to their reports, 11.2 million Americans are diagnosed with mental disease that affects their normal living. Yes, the situation is too serious to be ignored.

Unfortunately, sufferers don’t seek medical help. Most of them believe that it’s just a bad mood. But, the “bad mood” is persistent, and you feel like dying all the time.

The best way to get help is recognize your condition. Mental disorders affect your physical and mental health, and it’s impossible for them to carry with their daily tasks.

Living with a mental illness? It’s the worst nightmare!

1. You lose grip

Mental illness steals everything that represents you, including your control. It’s like being unable to control things in your life.

Things get worse over time, especially if sufferers don’t get enough support from their friends or family. Sufferers lose touch with reality, and they are victims of their own thoughts.

2. (Feels as if ) You are unworthy

Sufferers believe they are unworthy. Being diagnosed with a mental disease is a nightmare for most patients. They question their importance to their friends and family, and unfortunately, the suicide rates are really high among these people.

3. You believe you’re bound to make mistakes

Sufferers are anxious almost all the time. They believe they are bound to make a mistake, and avoid taking up responsibilities. These people struggle with the idea of messing everything up, and become easily frustrated.

4. Will you ever be happy again?

Patients diagnosed with mental disorders believe they will never be happy again.

Panic attacks become their best friends which is why they are afraid to stay close to other people. Isolating from the rest of the world is their best solution.

5. You’re trapped!

Having a mental illness is like being trapped in a hole. You’re unable to climb out of it. Patients lack enthusiasm, and don’t really believe that they will overcome their disorder. Keeping the issue to themselves is a wrong decision, but most patients do this.

6. You’re scared of yourself and other people

Fear and anxiety. That’s the only thing that fills your day. Patients are afraid of themselves and other people, because of all the self-doubt they deal with. These people can’t trust their judgment, because of their condition.

7. You lose identity

Sufferers deny their condition which ends up with losing their personality. Patients diagnosed with depression and ADHD can’t relate to who they were before being diagnosed.

Depression is often accompanied with loneliness and unworthiness. If not treated properly, the bad feelings may result in suicide.

8. You can’t fit in

Mental illnesses are yet to be accepted by sufferers and everyone else. Sufferers are usually considered unfair to lead or take part in important activities. These people deserve a strong support system, but most of them prefer staying outside the “normal world.”

9. You’re misunderstood

You can’t get inside the head of a person diagnosed with a mental disease, especially if that person deals with ADHD, Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder.

Be careful when talking to these people, because a minor mistake may have a terrible effect. A person with ADHD is often viewed as disinterested in activities. Unfortunately, that person has hard time concentrating.

10. You’re disconnected from the rest of the world

Sufferers feel disconnected from the world. They can’t get in touch with reality, and can’t understand their situation. A person diagnosed with a mental disease has a lot of doubts and can’t cope with normal situations.

11. You give up

Patients tend to give up when they don’t get proper care and help. They have hard time coping with reality, and feel isolated. These people lack the will to push on, and decide to stop putting up a fight.

12. You feel like pretending

Yes, they may talk about their problems, but this won’t stop them from feeling like pretending all the time. Truth is, you can’t understand a mental issue without going through it.

Sufferers tend to keep their personal problems to themselves, because they don’t want to be judged by others. You will see them acting okay, but they feel really bad.

13. You don’t understand anything

You have to judge between your mental condition and your responsibilities. Your life may be unbearable, mostly because everything feels different. Sufferers need help to overcome their problem.

14. You believe there’s no solution to your problem

Medication can relieve your condition, but the risk of recurrence is still dangerously high. Sufferers usually believe they will never get better. Most of them are uninformed, and remain skeptical of their recovery.

Final words

Yes, mental illness is a terrible thing, and you feel trapped. But, there are so many therapies and methods to help you. First, you have to be more informed about your condition, and then, you need to ask for proper treatment. That’s the only way to get better.

Stop isolating yourself from the world, and don’t be afraid to talk about your problem.



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