Why Crying during Movies Actually Means You’re Mentally Tough

Against our better judgment, we often tend to ridicule or mock people who get teary-eyed or flat out cry during movies, mistakenly seeing them as emotionally weak.

In fact, probably no one equates crying during movies (or overall, for that matter) with mental toughness, but if we set these stereotypes aside for a moment, we’d realize that people who cry during movies are more empathetic and can easily identify with other peoples’ misfortunes and afflictions.

Crying during movies means you are an empath

Unlike most, empathetic people can easily relate their feelings to others’ based on what they know or feel about the situation the person(s) or thing(s) they empathize with experience.

Crying during movies just means you can identify with the emotions of another person/thing. But it goes the same for smiling and laughing, only this time we relate to the comic aspects of a person or thing’s experience.

So, the next time you are about to cry during a flick, do not hesitate to do so, no one should think any less of you. On the contrary, compassion is in extremely low supply these days

It takes a mentally tough and resilient individual to bear the emotional outpourings empathetic people have to bear over and over again, which can literally drain the energy right out of you.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is either superficially tough or completely callous, none of which will help them become a better person, both professionally and individually.

Crying at movies is likened to extroversion, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence

Researchers studying movie crying have discerned some personality traits linked with sorrow and crying that include femininity, self-esteem, compassion, extroversion, and even signs of prior anxiety and stress.

They also found that women who were crying during movies were reportedly sad afterwards, unlike men, who cried but reported no emotional association with the movie.

The notion one has of a mentally tough person seems to completely contradict the concept one has of a person crying at the movies.

The abovementioned experiment has, however, deduced that one of the personality traits of people who cry at movies – extroversion– is actually associated with ego strength and high self-esteem, which are indicators of mentally stable and tough individuals.

People who tend to cry at the movies have an advantage over others in that they can detect emotional signs based on body language, facial expression, and intuition, something which can help improve your interaction with other people and your overall judgment of them. Such skills which will particularly come in handy if you are in marketing.

Moreover, when people cry at movies they’ve become so absorbed and engrossed in the movie that researchers have also taken into consideration the notion of being in two bodies while watching a movie.

While they are able to discern between fiction and reality, more observant and sensitive people can become so immersed in a film that they feel they are both in the theatre seat and movie at the same time.

This sensation of being able to utterly identify with actors’ experiences on-screen can cause viewers to feel a certain “dizziness and nausea, an unsettling yet – to a certain degree – pleasurable feeling, which is significantly intensified in media environments such as 3-D films and virtual reality.”

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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