Why Kids Need Their Cousin

Playing with cousins and siblings is probably every adults’ favorite childhood memory. It goes without saying that family relations matter, and when it comes to cousins, there is a special kind of bond to discuss. Cousins are not siblings but are part of your family forever.

Keeping a dynamic relationship with cousins can contribute to living a more fulfilled childhood.

For single children, in particular, cousins can be the source of positivity, comfort, and playtime. Even more, people who spend time hanging out with their cousins grow up to form lasting bonds similar to those between siblings.

Why are Cousins so Important?

Aside from the family factor, having cousins socializing on daily basis can positively impact the development in children. Together with being family, cousins also form a friend-like bond, which if maintained, can last for a lifetime.

Sharing and caring for your cousins takes another levels, different from that with a sibling.

Single-child families thrive on the child-cousin relationship. In fact, an only child that is close to its cousins will never feel as it is missing out on something that children with siblings have.

Cousins are more than just friends, though. In time, cousins can become a support system for a child, providing comfort and insurance whenever needed.

Moreover, children who have cousins close to their age can connect better and share life’s experiences among themselves.

Finally, family is here forever, which makes cousins a consistent force in one’s life. Not just during childhood, cousins are important in other phases of life as well. With family, you can never hold grudges and even if you do, it’s a bygone by next week.

6 Benefits of Having Cousins

Apart from the aforementioned, here is why cousins are an important part of growing up:

1. They will be each other’s best friends

Cousins have a special dynamic which makes the relationship close and tight, turning it into a family-related friendship. It is more likely cousins will share secrets with each other and rely on each other before asking other family members for help.

2. Protecting one another

Cousins will always have their backs and support each other, regardless of the circumstances. In this relationship, there is a special need to shield each other from negativity, meaning your child gets a solid support system to last a lifetime.

3. They know the drill

If you child has cousins close to his or her age, they will likely become best friends, too. Being close to someone’s age makes it easier to share your troubles, which does not often happen in siblings born years apart.

4. Family first

Regardless of the family affair, cousins will show up and make everything a bit brighter. Every family ceremony and event means your cousins will be right there with you, and honestly, could you ask for anything more?

5. Unconditional love

Being both family and friends may be the best deal to ever exist. Aside from having company and someone to confide into, cousins will always love you no matter what, and will have your back through every storm life brings along.

6. Loyalty

When it comes to family, it is true we cannot choose who our relatives are. However, this also means that cousins will forever support you and stay truthful with you because you are not only friends but blood-related souls as well.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com


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