Why Pisces Is The Most Difficult Sign To Understand

Pisces know how to keep their thoughts hidden away from the rest of the world. They are the most gentle and loving people, and their golden heart isn’t something you should take for granted.

However, Pisces may find themselves trapped by their conflicting emotions and thoughts. They often escape reality, and enjoy exploring their inner world.

Pisces are also known as the dreamers of the zodiac. Their creativity is incredible, but they are often misunderstood by others. Well, that’s how they feel about themselves. This makes them depressed.

Pisces can offer a lot of things to this world, and we can learn pretty much everything from their intuition. All you have to do is try to understand them, but that’s not really a piece of cake.

Pisces is the most difficult zodiac sign to understand

1. Pisces keep to themselves a lot

These people need to feel understood. But, sometimes they are unable to express their feelings or needs. They spend most of their time in their head, making it difficult for others to get in touch with them.

Pisces may open up eventually, but they need time. Try to give them love, respect, and understanding. That’s the only way to earn their trust. Talk about fantasy, art or other creative topics. They will join the conversation in a minute.

2. Pisces escape reality

Pisces don’t find modern world amusing. It makes them feel exhausted, and have hard time keeping up. They like the comfort of their thoughts.

Pisces aren’t rude, but the world makes them feel tired. Try to understand this, and you won’t have trouble hanging around your Pisces friends.

3. They want to get close to people, but their fear of getting hurt is really big

Pisces care about others, and many people take advantage of their kindness. They want to have a close relationship with others, but the pain from the past is an obstacle. Give them a chance, and you will be surprised by the positive experience.

4. They wear their heart on the sleeve

Pisces are emotional, and give their heart to those who deserve it. They may fall in love easily. Unfortunately, they get hurt easily, too.

Pisces try to see the best in people even after they have been hurt. Do them bad, and they will always remember it. Yes, your Pisces friend will forgive you but will never forget.

5. They need their alone time

Given that modern world drains Pisces easily, they need a lot of alone time to recharge. They need connection, support and love, and often crave a healthy balance of their alone time and social time.

If you have a Pisces friend, don’t let them get too far away. Pisces can’t survive without their connections, but they wouldn’t survive without solitude, too. Remember this.

6. Pisces are independent

Pisces love their relationships, but they prefer their solitude. Their alone time is precious. It’s their fuel and helps them cope with their expectations. Some individuals don’t have the strength to deal with others. They don’t like to rely on other people and tend to trust their own resources.



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