Why You’re Not Losing Weight – The Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Strict diet regimens are one of the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight. Experts say that this is only necessary in cases of extremely increased weight.

If those few inches on your waist are the only problem you have, you do not need any strict diet to cut the calories.


If you still do this, you are at a risk to cause many other problems, such as muscle loss, premature aging and reduced physical performance, and not to mention the headache.

Giving up on fat is another mistake, because large percent of the fat is connected to the protein intake, which is meat, and meat is the main ingredient you need when building on muscles. And muscles absorb fat.

When trying to lose weight people reach for alternative foods. These are supposed to replace regular food, but these foods do more harm than good, and many experiments have confirmed this.

If you see ‘food supplement’ written on the label of a certain product, this means that it is just an addition to the main meal, and not a real food.

Producers always point that their product is actually a supplement, and should not be used as a replacement for food, but people who are trying to lose weight either do not read the labels or just think that it is not necessary to follow the instructions, and keep consuming this food as a main meal.


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