When a Woman is Done There is Nothing to Change Her Mind

When talking about relationships, we can say that women love hard and leave themselves vulnerable. However, you should not forget that women know their self-worth as well.

In other words, when a woman realizes that she is in a relationship that it is not healthy for her, she will leave and not turn back ever! She will move forward and there is nothing that will change her mind.

If you are in a relationship with a good woman, you should always treat her right. Trust me, she will reciprocate that and show you how much you mean to her.

5 Thoughts A Woman Has When She Leaves for Good

1. There’s No Reason for Her to Stay

When a woman is giving her best to make a relationship work that has been slowly destroying her, in the end, she will understand that there is no reason for her to stay any longer.

If a woman is in a relationship that is kept only on her efforts and time, she will reach a point that leaving you is not only the best choice that she has, but her only option.

A good woman will stay to love and care for you. Well, until she reaches a point that nothing of this is reciprocated. Then, she decides to leave for good!

2. She’s Been Alone for Too Long 

A healthy relationship includes two people that are mentally and physically present in the relationship. So, if you are rarely there for your woman, then how to expect that she will stay?

There are many reasons why women leave.  However, one of the most common reasons is that their man is not present. He is working, watching TV, hanging out with the guys, etc.

This does not mean that these men are bad. They are good fathers, they support their family, but simply they are not good husbands, taking their wife for granted.

I’m not saying that men should not have hobbies. Everyone should have! But, don’t forget about your woman. She needs you, your support, and your time!

3. She’s No Longer Loved

You surely know the quote “Women are made to be loved, not understood.” Well, women are difficult to understand, but they only want your love and attention and nothing more.

If you do so, they will reciprocate that, and show you how much they appreciate the things you are doing. However, this does not apply to all women, because some of them fail to appreciate their partner.

However, if you treat a faithful woman right, she will appreciate that and never leave you. Love your woman before she leaves you!

Usually, men do not realize the value of their women, until she no longer is their woman. Keep in mind that all moments matter, so love her always, not just when you are about to lose her!

4. She’s Done Being Taken for Granted

When a woman is always giving but never receiving, don’t think that she will be that way forever. If you constantly treat her bad, she’s emptied out.

In such case, she needs the most care and affection. Even if she has a little, she will walk out. She will do that because she wants to rebuild herself and grow. By breaking her heart, you will only make her realize she deserves more.

One thing is for sure, men are quicker to leave, but they always return. Women, on the other hand, take longer to think if they should leave, but if they leave, trust me there is nothing that will change her mind.

5. She Knows She Deserves Better

A woman is aware of her self-worth, which means when she is not treated like she should be, she will realize that. It is said that communication is the key to making a relationship work.

However, what happens if you communicate what you need, but you still do not get that? When a woman honestly tells her needs, she is not telling that to annoy you.

She only offers her view on making the relationship better. Women know that both sides should be treated the best way possible.


If you want to treat your woman the best way possible and you want to keep her, show her how much she means to you.

If you don’t do this then don’t be upset or surprised if she decides to leave. Women do not want to be in a relationship that is not good for them!

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com


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