Woman Used Five 20-Foot Shipping Containers To Build Extraordinary Off-The-Grid Home

Having a tiny home is a great option for so many reasons and these cute houses offer a lot of great benefits

Imagine living in a small home surrounded by peaceful nature. It’s a dream come true for nature lovers.

Rosie came up with an excellent idea! To build the house of her dreams, she used five 20-foot shipping containers. You don’t get to see anything like this so often.

Woman uses shipping containers to build the home of her dreams

Settled on a 23-acre property, Rosie is living her dream. She build this house in the woods of the privately-owned reserve in Coromandel, New Zealand.

The name of the house is as special as its composition. Ahurewa means “sacred place”.

Let’s just say that this home is more than sacred. Rosie has no neighbors. She enjoys every minute in her home in the middle of the woods. The best part? She has first row seats for vivid sunsets. The sunrise is even better!

Sustainable life

Rosie had one goal: build a sustainable home. She loves nature and respects our planet. She didn’t want to disrupt the natural cycle in the reserve.

To turn Ahurewa into a sustainable home, Rosie used:

  • 12 solar panels in a 4kW system for her electricity
  • A vermicomposting toilet
  • Two 2,500 L tanks (water waste is directed to composting toilets for second use)

There’s more!

Rosie grows her own food. She also grows medicinal plants. Her natural garden is impressive! Backup batteries and a power inverter are of great help when the weather is gloomy. The fireplace is the cherry on top! It’s a whole-home heater and also works as a backup stove when the main stove goes off.

Gorgeous and functional home

Rosie’s home has floor-to-ceiling windows which helps her enjoy natural light throughout the entire day. Her kitchen is spacious and Rosie made sure her house has a nice library. She calls it “Rosie’s Classification System” and has a very comfy chair for a “reading nook.” The bathroom is simple yet modern and we love the king-size bed! When building a home, make sure your bedroom offers stunning view.

The cute home has a patio and a great backyard. Rosie enjoys spending her free time and sipping her favorite coffee in this area. That’s my personal favorite! Chilly weather? No problem, Rosie has a heater and he can enjoy her outdoor space in fall and early spring.

This house has everything a young lady needs to live a normal life. She built her own luxury yet comfy home and we want the same!

What do you think about this? Would you even dare to build a similar home?

Source: homehacks.co


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