Yoga Stretch for Lower Back Pain Relief (Video)

Nowadays, the number of people who experience lower back pain is constantly increasing. This is the most common type of back pain that affects both men and women.

Nearly 80% of adult people experience lower back pain at some point in their life. The pain can vary from mild to severe. Usually, this pain occurs as a result of improper body posture, long hours of desk work, and bad lifestyle habits.

Weight gain, pregnancy, genetics, age, and fitness level are among the other factors that can cause lower back pain.

However, there is a way to relieve this chronic pain and heal your lower back. Stretching and normal daily activities are the best ways which can help to treat this condition.

One particular stretch is extremely effective and will help you to relieve this condition. Just follow the instructions below and you will manage to get rid of the lower back pain within a short period of time!

You will need:

  • 1 belt (any belt, pants, makeshift strap of scarf will serve its purpose)
  • 1 cushion (option prop)

Even though this stretch is rooted in yoga principles, you need no yoga experience in order to do this stretch. Just relax and follow the simple steps.

This stretch is particularly beneficial for people who constantly feel pain in their low back. It is recommended to perform this stretch before going to bed.

It will strengthen the core muscles that support the lower back, improve the lower back flexibility, promote proper posture and positioning, and prevent the development of the pain.

Note: If you have herniated disk in your lower back, it is recommended not to perform this stretch.

In the video below, the instructor Brett Larkin demonstrates how to do this stretch properly.



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