You Can Now Buy A Heated Blanket That Plugs Right Into Your Car

How do you keep yourself warm in cold winter days? For some people, it’s a cup of hot tea. Others like heated floors, fireplaces… But, there are also people who wear nose warmers. Yes, these exist and people buy them.

Nose warmers are supposed to keep your nose from turning red in winter.

If this is too much for you, maybe you should get yourself an electric blanket. The heated blanket that warms up almost instantly. Long drives in winter should no longer be a reason to worry.

Every drive will feel like an adventure, and you will feel super comfy. But, be careful, sleeping behind the wheel may get someone killed.

Today, most cars have heated seats. However, this blanked will keep your entire body warm, not just your behind.

Stalwart is selling these heated travel blankets for $24. You can order yours online. Amazon is your best friend, right?

For this price, you get a 12-volt product and a 96-inch long cord that plugs in your car’s cigarette lighter. The blanked retains is temperature until you unplug it.

The cord is long enough to reach other passengers in your vehicle. The guys in the back always complain about the temperature in your car, right?

This blanket is a must, especially if you spend long hours driving to work or the grocery store. You can use it for yourself, and your pets will love it too. Need the perfect Christmas gift? This blanky is all you need.


One person has been using it for five years before it went missing. It was probably the kids.

Another wrote that this blanket is a lot different than heated seats. If you are worried that it may not work well, don’t worry, it will keep you warm.

If you deal with a condition that requires you to stay warm the entire time, the heated blanket is all you need. You will no longer have to worry about your body temperature.

Kitty litter is ‘a must’ for drivers, too, and you really need it in winter. Use kitty litter to add traction when your tires spin out of control. Just spread some of the litter under your tires, and keep driving.



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